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Here Are My Best Hacks for Staying Healthy As A Mom

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Here Are My Best Hacks for Staying Healthy As A Mom

The beginning of a new school year has its benefits, such as childcare and social interaction for our kids. However, the downside is the constant viruses they pass back and forth. With school in session for two months, there have already been several illnesses in my son’s class. Whether you’re a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, sick days inconvenience us all. So, how can we avoid getting sick when our kids are exposed to germs all day?

Last spring, we enrolled our son in a toddler class after years of at-home childcare. He was sick for a whole month, one cold after another, and the rest of us got sick as well. It gradually got better as we started taking more vitamins and his body adjusted to being around more children. But it was a tough few months for our family, and I didn’t want to go through it again when he moved to the preschool class after summer.

Prior to the start of this school year, I was determined to reduce our sick days, so we implemented a health regimen that has been successful so far. We’ve focused on the basics like vaccines, regular check-ups, and good hygiene. Here are five other changes I’ve made that have helped me stay healthy as a mom.

Picking better vitamins for the kids

To reduce my sick days, I need to ensure that my kids have fewer sick days. We’ve been giving our son vitamins since he was a toddler, but he needed something more comprehensive when he started school. We tried Vimergy Kids’ Zinc and B12 vitamins, which provide seven different benefits to overall health.

Zinc supports the immune system and cognitive function, and has even been proven to help with fewer missed school days. Meanwhile, Vimergy Kids’ B12 aids in nervous system function, metabolic efficiency, and energy production. Both vitamins have organic formulas without added colors, flavors, refined sugars, or citric acid. They can be mixed into any liquid and have pre-marked dosage instructions based on age group, making it easy to add necessary nutrients to my kids’ diets.

Adding nutrients to meals I already love

As a picky eater myself, it’s important for me to incorporate proper nutrients into my diet. I’ve discovered a TikTok trend called “Eat what you want, add what you need,” which involves honoring food cravings but adding nutritional value. I modify this concept to boost my immune system, such as adding leafy greens into pasta sauce or ginger and high-vitamin C fruits into smoothies.

Being active in a way that feels achievable

I have never been someone who enjoys physical activity, but being sedentary all day is not good for my physical or mental health. I started small by going on 30-minute walks around my neighborhood after the kids go to bed. It’s a refreshing way to unwind after a long day and I listen to audiobooks to make it more enjoyable.

Better hygiene with shared items

Sharing germs as a family increases the likelihood of everyone getting sick. I’ve set boundaries about sharing my drinks with the kids, especially when they show any symptoms of illness. They have their own mini water bottles to reduce the chances of tantrums. We also use disinfectant dish soap to ensure proper cleaning of shared dishes.

Scrolling less, sleeping more

As parents, we often feel exhausted by the end of the day and find ourselves staying up late scrolling through social media. However, this negatively affects our sleep patterns, which are crucial for fighting off infections. I set a timer for scrolling or TV time and then focus on activities like reading or spending time with my spouse. This helps me get better sleep and improves my overall health.

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