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Perfect Christmas Eve Gift Box Ideas

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Perfect Christmas Eve Gift Box Ideas

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by stores displaying Christmas items in August. While I enjoy Christmas, there needs to be limits, like radio stations playing holiday music too early, and stores stocking merchandise prematurely.

The new trend of giving curated Christmas Eve boxes to loved ones intrigued me, despite my initial skepticism. I decided to look into this Christmas Eve box trend to see what it’s all about.

What is a Christmas Eve Box?

Christmas Eve boxes are a way to give small gifts like holiday pajamas, books, and ornaments the day before Christmas. Some families use them as parting gifts from their Elf on the Shelf. They also make for cute and curated social media content.

Many claim that the items put in a Christmas Eve box are things we would buy anyway, just packaged up nicely for the sake of festivity. But I’m literally not buying it. Here’s why:

Why I’m Not Doing a Christmas Eve Box for My Kids

My to-do list is full

Typically, moms shoulder most of the holiday gift-giving load. While I don’t mind doing so, I don’t want more tasks added to my already extensive to-do list. I’d rather be present with my family than spend more time thinking about presents.

Research shows kids do better with fewer toys

More gifts and toys mean more to clean and manage, and research shows that children do better with fewer toys. A less crowded playroom leads to longer and more creative play, as well as increased focus. In a world with countless distractions, I want to help my kids develop focus and a longer attention span.

The Christmas Eve box origin story is off-base

Some sources cite the German tradition of exchanging gifts the night before Christmas as the inspiration for Christmas Eve boxes. However, my husband, who is from Germany, has clarified that in Germany, gifts are only exchanged on Christmas Eve, not on any other day. The origin story doesn’t fully align with the tradition in Germany.

Materialism surrounding holidays is already too much (for me)

Balancing the materialism of Christmas gift-giving with the true meaning of the holidays is already a struggle for me. Adding more gifts with a Christmas Eve box doesn’t appeal to me, as I don’t enjoy giving gifts for the sake of it.

Memories can be made without more things

Our family focuses on being together and enjoying the slower pace of the holidays. While some use Christmas Eve boxes to create memorable moments, we believe we can create lasting memories without adding more things to our lives. Watching the same Christmas movie or baking family recipes are meaningful moments with or without matching pajamas. I’m confident that our kids will remember the feeling of these times and the joy we shared.

Even though Christmas Eve boxes aren’t for me, if they bring you joy, fill those boxes with gusto. But for me, Christmas Eve boxes won’t be on my holiday to-do list.

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