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The 6 Best Cute Snow Outfits

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The 6 Best Cute Snow Outfits

Temperatures are dropping and for many of us, snow is soon on the way. Whether you live somewhere you only get snow a few days a year, or you’re buried under it for a few months close to the Canada border, you’re going to need some cute snow outfits. Once you have them, you can get outside, enjoy crunching around in the fresh snow, and feel warm and comfortable.

We’ve put together some of the best snow day outfits so you can get your pre-winter shopping done, so all you need to do when you see snow coming is pull on your new snow outfit and enjoy the weather! 

6 Cute Snow Outfits You Need in Your Wardrobe 

1. Daily Outfit 

For a daily outfit ideal for taking the kids to school and heading to the store, grab a pair of Hunter Wellies (rain boots) to keep your feet dry. Pair them with some seriously thick socks, like a pair of Heat Holders to keep them warm. Add your favorite jeans and t-shirt with a simple sweatshirt like this Botanica Graphic Sweatshirt from Anthropologie. Add this Relaxed Plaid Overcoat, a scarf, and gloves, and you’re good to go. This Venture On Reversible Puffer Vest is a great extra layer if you need it. 

2. Dog Walks and Hikes 

If snow days won’t stop you from getting out in the great outdoors, you need a comfortable outfit for dog walks and hikes. Pair a cute, comfy, oversized fleece like this Free People Bunny Slopes Hoodie in charcoal with jeans, leggings, and some hiking boots. Finish the look with this North Star Trapper Hat to keep you warm from head to toe! 

Love hiking? See our list of best places to hike in the US for some inspiration.

3. For Light Snow Days 

For days when there is just an inch or so of snow on the ground, you can focus on staying warm rather than dry. So, these Sorel Out N About III Classic Boots are a great start to your outfit. With a waterproof toe and enhanced grip, they’re perfect for slushy days or just a little fresh snow. Pair with jeans and some leg warmers (like these Delaney Ribbed Leg Warmers) to keep your legs cozy. Then, put on a cute cowl neck like the Maeve Cowl Neck Pullover. Polish it off with a warm jacket like this Cozy Sherpa Shacket

4. When Snow’s Falling 

Need to go out when snow’s falling? You need this Cold Snap Fleece Balaclava in your wardrobe to throw on to keep your head warm and dry. For extra warmth, throw on a waterproof or water-resistant jacket like this Hooded Puffer Jacket from Old Navy. Opt for jeans if you can! Otherwise, a pair of good waterproof trousers will keep you dry no matter how long you spend outside. Finally, make sure you’ve got a good pair of boots to keep your feet warm and dry. 

5. Best Cozy Cute Snow Outfit 

This Pippa Packable Puffer Suit is too cute not to have in your wardrobe! Get your snow day outfit sorted in one go with this suit. Layer over leggings and a comfy long-sleeve t-shirt (and a sweater if necessary) for snow day fun. It’s also a great option for an extra layer when traveling to and from the gym (here’s some motivation for you if you struggle to get to the gym in cold weather!). For an extra layer to take on the go, Free People’s Pippa Puffer Jacket packs down into its own pocket so you can carry it in your bag if the temperature swings. 

6. Going Out Snow Outfit 

A large knitted jumper like this Maison Hotel Haye Jumper from Anthropologie will keep you warm while looking stylish. Further, it is easily dressed up with velvet or corduroy pants or a skirt for winter parties.

These High-Rise Velvet Wide-Leg Pants are a great choice for going out, as are these Velvet Skinny Pants. Pair with a good pair of leather or vegan leather boots to complete the look while keeping you warm and dry as you walk to and from the party. 

Let It Snow!

Love or hate snow days, there are plenty of opportunities to wear cute snow outfits and enjoy the season. These outfits will see you through every activity, so get your hands on them now!  

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