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15 Best Fun Activities For The Whole Family

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15 Best Fun Activities For The Whole Family

Let’s admit it, Autumn is everyone’s favorite season for a reason. Or multiple. When the weather gets colder and the leaves start changing their colors, that means it’s officially the best season of the year. No, not because it’s pretty or Halloween. Fall is so spectacular because of the endless amount of cozy fall activities that the whole family can do together, even if you’re on a tight budget.

Activities like cuddling up inside with a cup of warm apple cider and watching one of the best Halloween movies of all time (which is Hocus Pocus, obviously) or taking a scenic drive to admire all the beautiful autumn foliage. Trust us, there is no shortage of fun fall activities for families to enjoy together. Now is the time to start adding to your fall bucket list and checking it off as you go!

1. Plant BulbsFor The Spring

This is a fun fall activity for all ages! Autumn is the best time to plant tulips bulbs, about six to eight weeks before a hard frost is expected. It’ll be one dreary winter, but then you’ll have your very own yard full of beautiful flowers come springtime. Check out a variety of bulbs here! If you also need planting tools, check out our gardening article here for tips and tricks!

2. Go Camping

Who doesn’t love camping?! Especially in the fall. Take advantage of the cool weather and plan an awesome camping trip with the family. Fewer people camp this time of year, so you’ll experience lower rates and fewer crowds — not to mention fewer bugs, too! Sign me up!

3. Make a Bonfire Dinner

Don’t stop at just putting on a nice bonfire too, finish the night off with a delicious meal everyone can enjoy! Whether you’re making delectable burgers straight on the fire, or pan-frying tender and juicy steaks in the warmth of your home, your family will appreciate a delicious meal to send off the night you’ve all enjoyed together. But make sure your meats are from reputable sellers so you get the most out of your meal! We always recommend Omaha Steaks for the best meats at the best deals, whether you’re cooking up burgers, steaks, chicken, seafood or more!

4. Take A Fall Trip

Go to to plan the right place for a trip! Book your flight, grab your family, and set off on a nice family trip! A few of the most beautiful places to visit during the fall include a trip down the Pacific Coast Highway in California, Scenic Byway 12 in Utah, and Skyline Drive through Virginia. And just before you go, check out our ultimate road trip guide to help you plan your trip!

5. Bake Apple Cider Donuts

Nothing compares to the feeling of biting into a fresh homemade apple cider donut. Instead of buying them this year from your local fall festival (or, let’s be real, in addition to buying them), try whipping up a homemade batch.

6. Visit A National Park

Going to a national park during the fall, and not summer means you’ll beat the big crowds when the leaves are changing colors and the weather has cooled off. The parks with the most impressive fall foliage include Denali in Alaska, Glacier in Montana, and Acadia in Maine. However, we’re sure you can find some pretty amazing ones yourselves. Make sure to go on a few awesome hikes while you’re there!

7. Try Out Unique Flavors Of Classic Candy

The kids will love this one! Your favorite candy companies are constantly releasing new flavors on tried and true classics. Go to the grocery store, round up as many as you can find — like Reese’s Peanut Butter Lover’s cups and Kit-Kat Duos Mint + Dark Chocolate — and taste-test them with your kids. Beware: It’s easy to go overboard with the ‘testing’.

8. Go Apple Picking

This is one of our personal favorites! There’s no better way to stock up on your fall apple collection than with some hand-picked varieties. The whole family will enjoy this fun fall activity!

9. Visit A Sunflower Farm

Sunflower season is here! Take your kids to a farm to see the breathtaking flowers in full bloom while you can.

10. Host A Bonfire

Perfect for a cold fall day or night! Heat up the fire pit for a bonfire with the kids. They’ll love cooking hot dogs or roasting marshmallows, especially if they can make s’mores.

11. Make Dinner Inside A Pumpkin

Haven’t you heard? Pumpkins aren’t just for decoration! That’s right, you can serve dinner in them! Serve dinner in a cute carved-out mini pumpkin.

12. Fly A Kite

Use the brisk, fall wind to your advantage and take the kids out to an open field or local park to fly kites.

13. Learn How To Knit

Nothing passes time like a new hobby, and by Christmas time you’ll be ready with plenty of beautiful homemade gifts!

14. Warm Up With Homemade Soup

Nothing feels more comforting on a fall day than a warm bowl of soup — especially when it’s homemade. This is something that the whole family will appreciate on a cooler fall afternoon.

15. Attend A Fall Festival

You can go to autumn events dedicated to food, crafts, music, art — or whatever else interests your family — all over the country. Find one nearby. Everyone will love this one!

Fun Fall Activities

We hope you enjoyed reading our article on 14 fun fall activities for the whole family! Autumn flies by in a flash, so be sure to take advantage of the crisp weather and beautiful foliage whilst you can!

Don’t forget to put together the perfect fall outfits to wear during your family activities using our fall trends guide!

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