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6 Smart Home Furniture For Gadget-Friendly Homes

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6 Smart Home Furniture For Gadget-Friendly Homes

Do you want to incorporate more tech into your home? Gone are the days when computerization was limited to a desktop or even a handheld device. Instead, smart home furniture is making it easy for people who want to incorporate technology into their homes.

Smart Home Furniture for Gadget-Friendly Homes

What is smart home furniture? Put, it’s furniture that comes with built-in devices. Having this type of home decor can prove beneficial, as it helps you streamline your life and make it more convenient.

But what types of smart home furniture should you buy? We’ll get into some of the best pieces below, including some smart furniture for small spaces.

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1. Elongated Toilet and Bidet with Seat

The Elongated Toilet and Bidet with Seat from Homary is a smart home furniture alternative to the traditional bathroom commode. This toilet is tankless, and its sleek outer appearance makes any bathroom feel more luxurious. The vitreous china with which it’s constructed makes it tougher and longer-lasting. The bidet is temperature-controlled, keeping you both clean and comfortable.

You won’t have to stumble around in the dark when you have to get up and go in the middle of the night, either. Instead, the toilet has an LED lighting system that helps you find it at night. It also features an air purifying system and an automatic open and close element, and you can get the toilet in black, white, gold, and even rose gold.

Also check out some of the options from Kohler, a luxury brand in the bathroom fitting and sanitary segment. Popular for its unique design and aesthetic, its diversity of products leads the way in design, craftsmanship and innovation.

2. Smart Side Table with Cooling Drawer

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and wished your side table could keep cool beverages within arm’s reach? Well, the Smart Side Table with Cooling Drawer provides an answer to this problem. At first glance, the table provides the same amount of space as a normal nightstand. However, it contains wireless charging for two phones, LED lighting, and even a cooling drawer to keep your nighttime beverages cool.

It will help you not miss your important appointments too, as it has an app-controlled alarm, designed to get you up whenever you need. You can find this piece of smart home furniture at Target!

3. Party Time Dual Power Reclining Loveseat with Console

If you’re dedicated to entertaining in your home, you need to get a sofa that combines comfort with the utmost convenience.

The Party Time Dual Power Reclining Loveseat with Console from Ashley Furniture makes it possible for you to spend your evenings and weekends with the latest in technological trends. This 2-person piece of furniture includes reading lights, LED lights, and USB ports to keep your devices charged.

Need more seating? Get the 3-piece set!

4. Reclining 2D Massage Chair

Have you ever wanted to come home and slough off the stress of your workday? Having a Reclining 2D Massage Chair can help you increase your relaxation.

This electricity-powered chair contains knobs that press gently into your back and air-filled bags that work on your arms and shoulders. Heat emanates from the chair, helping your muscles loosen. You can also get the chair in tan.

5. Black Metal Task Lamp with USB Port

If you need to shed some new light on your home, consider getting a Black Metal Task Lamp with USB Port from At Home. This lamp is 14 inches tall, perfect for lighting a desk or other smart home furniture for small spaces. It comes with a USB port, giving you the ability to charge your phone or other devices while you read or work.

This piece comes in several different alternate colors, including pink and white. So, you’ll have the ability to match your lamp to your home’s other décor.

6. Desktop Fan

Do you sometimes find yourself sweating throughout your workday? If so, get the Desktop Fan from Target. This fan looks great on your desk and keeps you cool all day long! To keep yourself from slumping at your desk, get a monitor bridge!

Owning Smart Home Furniture

Owning smart home furniture can help you get the convenience you need in your house while also building rooms you love. But how do you know which smart home furniture works best for small spaces? Plan out each of your rooms carefully. Focus on having only 1 or 2 moderately-sized pieces and other, smaller ones. The larger pieces should be functional in nature and contain the most technological benefits.

You should also think about color. Neutral colors, such as whites, grays, and beiges, match almost everything. The more intense and non-neutral the color of your furniture, the fewer other non-neutral shades you should use. Otherwise, the room will look too chaotic. Learn more about home decor here!

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