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12 Presents Ideas for Kids That Can’t Be Contained in a Package

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12 Presents Ideas for Kids That Can’t Be Contained in a Package

The holiday season is upon us! Can you sense it? There’s a bit more enchantment in the atmosphere, kids are reminding you of their wishes from Santa, and your beloved Peppermint Mocha awaits you at Starbucks. Amidst all the festive cheer, our to-do list seems to multiply. A substantial part of our “holiday responsibilities” involves giving gifts, which can be a consuming labor of affection. But fret not. The Everymom is here to aid in the holiday season by offering a selection of unconventional experiential gifts for children.

These gifts can be from parents but also serve as an exceptional way for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and others to present something that feels more significant than another toy. Below are our suggestions for experiential gifts for children that can’t be enclosed in a box.

1. Magazine Subscriptions

In the age of Kindle and other digital readers, embracing the traditional approach with a physical magazine subscription provides your loved ones with something concrete to look forward to with each delivery. Kids’ magazine subscriptions are a relatively economical investment with a high-yield result. They not only encourage your child to read but also offer diverse learning opportunities on a range of subjects. Additionally, they spark excitement in your young readers when they receive something personalized in the mailbox! In our household, we keep a few favorite issues and recycle the rest.

Both National Geographic and Highlights are enduring magazines that have persisted across numerous generations. They also offer various subscription options based on your child’s developmental stage. For kids aged 8 and above, The Week Junior magazine delivers captivating content on a weekly basis, featuring news, concepts, activities, puzzles, and live debates.

2. Museum Memberships

Irrespective of whether you reside in a vibrant urban hub or a charming suburban locale, presenting a local museum membership to your child (or a friend’s child) can be a gift that continues to give throughout the year! Museums are an ideal setting for spending leisurely afternoons indoors (and occasionally outdoors). They offer a plethora of educational opportunities for your little ones and a space outside your home where your children can explore at their own pace.

In colder climates, museums also serve as an excellent option for an outing when it’s rainy or snowy and you seek an escape from the house while keeping your child engaged. When gifting a museum membership to a child, you might want to generate excitement about the specific museum by perusing their website for images and videos of the venue beforehand. Once at the museum, you and your children can stroll hand-in-hand, delving into knowledge about history, science, art, and more!

3. Movie Passes

A trip to the cinema is a beloved American tradition. Securing seats in those opulent red chairs, ordering the most buttery popcorn imaginable, and viewing previews of the next big blockbuster are experiences that your children can relish as well. Bestow your child with a movie gift card so they can relish the cinematic experience on the big screen, much like you did when you were a child.

4. Children’s Fitness Club Memberships

Instead of your youngsters incessantly bouncing on your living room sofa, gift them with a membership to a children’s fitness club so they can exert their energy freely—without wreaking havoc in your living space! There are various types of children’s fitness club memberships, so I recommend gathering information prior to presenting this gift. You understand your child’s temperament best and can determine the type of fitness club membership that would ignite their enthusiasm and compel them to don their shoes and dash out the door.

What I appreciate most about this gift is that these clubs are generally enclosed, allowing you to sit back and observe your little one engage in safe fun while you enjoy a podcast and savor that Starbucks you picked up en route. It’s a win-win for all involved!

5. Art Workshops

Your budding artist can create art projects at home, turning your mini art studio into a mammoth mess—or you can enroll your child in art workshops to eliminate concerns about tidying up! These workshops encompass painting, pottery, jewelry crafting, and a myriad of other activities. Encouraging your child to be creative and utilize their hands to create art can foster positive tactile learning experiences.

Art is an invaluable facet of our culture and serves as a conduit for connections, conversations, and creativity in numerous ways. It fosters your child’s discovery of their preferences and how to express them in diverse art forms. Furthermore, art workshops can yield charming homemade décor crafted by your little Monet that will enliven any room!

6. Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons offer enjoyment for youngsters and also play a pivotal role in promoting your child’s safety. Winter is an opportune period to allow your kids to acquire essential survival skills and become more comfortable in the water. Weekly lessons serve as an effective method to ensure your kids are prepared for pool and beach activities come summer.

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