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Graco Myavo | Review


Graco Myavo | Review

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A reliable baby stroller is crucial when you have a child, and the Graco Myavo meets all the criteria for utility and ease of use. With its automatic, one-handed fold feature, the Graco Myavo is compact and lightweight, making it convenient for travel.


It offers the option of a three or five-point harness system to keep your child secure, as well as a detachable bumper bar for easier access.


I put the Graco Myavo Travel Stroller to the test with my 18-month-old daughter, using it for outings and everyday use, to evaluate its practicality, compactness, and ease of use.


1. Graco Myavo Compact Stroller


  • One-handed fold
  • Lightweight design
  • Compact
  • Large storage basket


  • One-handed lock feature can be tricky to use at first




Key features


Automatic stand-alone fold


Folding up a pram with a baby in your arms can be tricky, but the automatic stand-alone fold on the Graco Myavo makes it much easier. With the press and slide of a button, you can fold the pram down and pop it up with one hand.


Compact design


Practical for car transportation, the compact design and integrated folding lock ensure that the pram remains compact, leaving sufficient space for shopping in the car.


UPF50+ knit canopy


The knit canopy provides a luxurious touch to the stroller and shields your child from UV rays, reducing the need for a separate sunshade.


Testing the Graco Myavo




The Graco Myavo’s performance was flawless. Attaching the wheels to the stroller was effortless and it has been a joy to use ever since.


The handle is at a comfortable height and the stroller is easy to maneuver. It performed well on various terrains such as at the zoo, on the beach, and on fields.


While my daughter appeared comfortable in the stroller, at times it seemed like she was sliding down the seat. However, the harness system kept her secure, and she didn’t seem bothered by it. I did find myself adjusting her position occasionally.


The harness system was easy to use and could be switched from a five-point to a three-point system quickly, which I found to be very practical as the three-point harness allowed my daughter to sit up and look out more easily.


The UPF50+ knit canopy was another useful feature. It felt soft and added to the stroller’s appearance. I couldn’t fully lower the hood when my daughter was sitting up as it obstructed her view, but it provided ample protection and shade when she was asleep.




I haven’t used a stroller that is as compact and comfortable for my daughter to sit in, yet lightweight for me to carry.


The front wheels have a 360-degree swivel and are effortless to maneuver. We’ve used it on different terrains without any issues. The stroller lives up to its lightweight claim, as it can be moved by the wind unless the brake is engaged.


Getting used to the one-handed fold took a bit of time, but once I got the hang of it, collapsing and popping up the stroller with one hand was remarkably easy.


It was very convenient to have this feature, as I often need to fold the pram while holding my daughter, and then carry the stroller easily using the bumper bar as a handle.


Reclining the stroller seat was simple, and I was surprised by how flat it could lay. This was particularly helpful for when my daughter fell asleep while out, as it allowed her to remain in a more comfortable position.




I appreciated the stroller’s compact build, as it allowed me to leave it in the car’s trunk while still having room for groceries, unlike my previous larger pram which required rearranging to fit everything.


The three or five-point harness was easy to use, and I liked the ability to switch between the two with ease. The back of the seat did not allow my daughter to sit up completely straight, but the three-point harness system enabled her to sit properly.


I did encounter a problem with adjusting the top straps of the five-point harness system, as I had difficulty positioning them higher. However, with persistence, I was able to do it and would make aEnsure that the straps are properly adjusted for your child before heading out.

Although there were minor issues, the harness did provide a secure fit for the pram.

The stroller surprised me with its spacious storage basket, offering enough room for multiple items.

The Graco Myavo is a fantastic travel stroller with its compact design, ease of use, and lightweight construction.

While it could use carry straps as an added feature, it still received positive feedback from my daughter for its comfort.

For FAQs, a travel stroller is a convenient option for saving space and is often flight-approved. In terms of seating, travel strollers are world-facing and do not have the option for parent-facing settings. There are, however, various parent-facing strollers available for those interested.

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