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Easy Guide To Help You Deal With ‘Maternal Cognition’

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Easy Guide To Help You Deal With ‘Maternal Cognition’

Bearing a child and moving through the postnatal phase brings forth a range of transformations. While we might have heard about varying hormones and understood the indicators of postnatal sadness, there is another covert change that infiltrates the lives of mothers. It initially emerges subtly and then escalates to a point where its presence becomes palpable. Yes, we are discussing “mommy brain.”

First and foremost: What exactly is “mommy brain”? As described by some of the mothers I know in my circle, it’s when mothers intermittently appear to overlook things or encounter mental fog. It could be as trivial as misplacing your keys—when they’re right within your reach—or forgetting your work bag is on top of your car because you were settling your infant in their car seat (which may or may not be based on a true account).

So, why does “mommy brain” exist? According to Stephanie Greunke, a licensed nutritionist specializing in prenatal/postnatal nourishment, 80 percent of mothers undergo challenges with working memory or mental fog during pregnancy and the postnatal period. “It commences as early as the initial trimester of pregnancy and frequently becomes more apparent in the third trimester and postnatal,” Stephanie points out. There are concrete physiological reasons behind this, including substantial hormonal changes that influence the grey matter in our brains. “Research indicates that the brain restructures after pregnancy to support maternal bonding, which can impact working memory. The brain modifications are observable for a minimum of two years postnatally.”

Simply speaking, it’s not about mothers becoming absent-minded. Their brain actually adapts and concentrates on caring for their offspring. As someone who has grappled with sensing a decline in her memory sharpness, I feel gratified knowing that “mommy brain” is scientifically recognized. Here are some ways we advise navigating and overcoming forgetful “mommy brain” episodes.

Nourish Your Mind

Stephanie encapsulated it well: “The mental strain on females is substantial.” Mothers must sustain a perpetual balancing act from childcare to household administration to job duties for those with occupations outside the home. In addition to the physiological transformations our bodies encounter, motherhood also brings a plethora of substantial lifestyle changes (sleep deprivation, stress, missed meals) that contribute to mental fog. Nonetheless, how can we ensure our brains receive the essential nutrients when completing a meal while managing a crying infant on your side feels insurmountable?

There are a few primary elements Stephanie recommends for fostering healthy brain functionality, like consuming anti-inflammatory foods, reducing or abstaining from alcohol, sustaining constant blood sugar levels, and feeding your brain with optimum nutrients. The last point is arguably the simplest to fulfill with a product such as Needed’s Cognitive Support. Needed is a prenatal brand devised by mothers and trained nutritionists, and Stephanie happens to be one of their crucial counselors. She states that the components in Cognitive Support were handpicked by women’s health specialists tailored to assist with symptoms of maternal cognition.

“Cognitive Support is a distinctive amalgamation of nine particular nootropic and herbal components that enhance focus and attention, brain wellness and recollection, and alleviate mental fog and eye strain,” Stephanie affirms, “It was also crafted with breastfeeding mothers at the forefront.” Regrettably, several other nutritional supplements for brain wellness just don’t suffice for lactating mothers and tend to be formulated toward the general populace or males (no surprise there). Needed bridged that void with a product that’s harmless and exceedingly efficient since “92 percent of women using Cognitive Support observed an enhancement in overall cognitive performance within four weeks,” according to a market evaluation by Needed. Altogether, both professionals and mothers concur: This supplement will help you regain a sense of your previous self.

A much-needed option for moms that includes effective ingredients to support a healthy stress response and overall cognitive function. If you’re lost in post-baby fog, try Cognitive Support and take 20 percent off new subscriptions with code EVERYMOM20.

Invest in a Digital or Physical Organizer

Presently, I absolutely have to jot down things, or they will escape my memory. There are medical appointments, significant daycare dates, work and school due dates, and so on to retain. Instead of lamenting the fact that I can’t remember things as I used to, I ask myself, “Is it mentally plausible for you to recollect all of this?” and “Why do you believe you need to retain everything within your mind?” This approach assists me in relinquishing control and seeking the aid of something documented. The tangible prompt aids in retention.

Embrace the Rest

I realize this might spark some debate. Trust me, I used to retaliate when I heard individuals advise me to get as much rest as feasible during my pregnancy. It was even more aggravating when I heard “nap when the baby naps.” I perceived it as disrespectful because “Oh my word, there is so much housework to complete” or “I haven’t showered!” The essence is—it doesn’t benefit anyone if we neglect ourselves. Sleep deprivation typically accompanies the territory when tending to a newborn or infant, but we can unearth moments to rest.

If my son naps, then so do I. He might nap for approximately 45 minutes at a stretch, so I unwind for 45 minutes out of the X number of hours I’m awake. This practice has not only enabled me to begin feeling better, but my brain also doesn’t experience the same haziness as it once did.

Exercise Compassion and Tolerance (Towards Yourself)

Being pregnant, giving birth, and nurturing children is no minor achievement. Once more, our hormones fluctuate, and our physique transforms. Whether you’re a first-time mother or a seasoned one, each pregnancy and birthing episode can differ. Though an array of resources is accessible to assist us in navigating these changes, handling them is an ongoing learning curve. Mothers are already under scrutiny for numerous reasons, so we don’t need to intensify self-scrutiny. We are entitled to bestow ourselves some leniency.

Seek Assistance

It doesn’t signify you’re an inadequate mother if you require assistance caring for your children or help recollecting things. Mothers aren’t expected to be superheroes. The media and society have ingrained in our minds that we are meant to cater to all and everything, but that’s detrimental. I acknowledge that some mothers lack a partner at home, but support can materialize in various forms: therapy, trusted family members, religious congregations (if you attend), daycare, and so forth. There is no honor in motherhood. It’s time to relinquish the resilient maternal mantle.

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