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Most Cherished Baby Girl Names Of 2024

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Most Cherished Baby Girl Names Of 2024

It’s an exhilarating moment when the Social Security Administration (SSA) unveils its compilation of the 1000 most favored baby girl names of the year. Anticipating parents could find inspiration from the SSA list for baby name options or guardians might be curious to see the ranking of their child’s name in this year’s roster. Others may simply be inquisitive: Will Olivia maintain her leading position as the top baby girl name for yet another year? Will Luna continue her ascent up the chart? Find out below.

Utilizing data from the annual social security card applications, the United States federal agency categorizes the most sought-after names given to infant girls and boys from the preceding year. However, if you’re concerned about your child sharing her name with numerous others at school, there’s no need to fret. While the list showcases the top preferences of U.S. parents, each name represents only 1-2% of all baby names bestowed in that year.

1. Olivia: Retains her position as the quintessential girl’s baby name for the fourth consecutive year. Originating from Latin, Olivia signifies “olive tree.”

2. Emma: Another contemporary favored selection for baby girls, Emma claimed the top rank in 2018. Stemming from the Germanic term ermen denoting “whole” or “universal.”

3. Charlotte: With French roots, a feminine variation of Charles representing “free man.”

4. Amelia: Deriving from German, Amelia translates to “work.”

5. Sophia: Rooted in Greek, Sophia means “wisdom.”

6. Mia: Commonly associated with the Italian term mia and the Spanish term mía, both signifying “mine.” Mia originated as a diminutive of Maria, which ultimately found its origins in the Hebrew name Miryam.

7. Isabella: The Spanish and Italian rendition of “Elizabeth” conveying “pledged to god.”

8. Ava: This endearing moniker descended a few positions this year. Coming from Latin, Ava symbolizes “life; bird; water, island.”

9. Evelyn: An English name with French and German ancestry meaning “desired, or water, island.”

10. Luna: Breaking into the top 10 for the first time in 2022, this delightful name has Latin origins and signifies “moon.”

11. Harper: Originating from English, with a literal interpretation of “harp player.”

12. Sofia: Of Greek origin and the most favored girl’s name in the U.S. since the early-2010s, Sophia embodies “wisdom.”

13. Camila: Originating from Latin, Camila denotes “young ceremonial attendant.”

14. Eleanor: No wonder this charming vintage name is gaining in popularity. Denoting light-heartedness, it couldn’t be lovelier!

15. Elizabeth: Similar to Isabella, Elizabeth signifies “pledged to god” and is a perennial favorite.

16. Violet: Rising nearly 20 positions in the past two years, this elegant, nature-inspired name of Latin descent denotes “purple.”

17. Scarlett: If you desire a name that evokes passion and vitality, Scarlett is an ideal choice. Its meaning is associated with the color red.

18. Emily: A prevalent choice for baby names, Emily of Latin origin carries the connotation of “rival.”

19. Hazel: Climbing eight places from the previous year, this nature-evoked name of old English roots signifies “the hazel tree.”

20. Lily: This graceful, nature-inspired name soared 10 spots from the prior year indicating “pure.”

The Most Beloved Baby Girl Names 21-50

21. Gianna
22. Aurora
23. Penelope
24. Aria
25. Nora
26. Chloe
27. Ellie
28. Mila
29. Avery
30. Layla
31. Abigail
32. Ella
33. Isla
34. Eliana
35. Nova
36. Madison
37. Zoe
38. Ivy
39. Grace
40. Lucy
41. Willow
42. Emilia
43. Riley
44. Naomi
45. Victoria
46. Stella
47. Elena
48. Hannah
49. Valentina
50. Maya

Baby Girl Name Trends of 2023

The SSA roster generally showcases more imaginative choices for girl names compared to boy names (where William, John, and Michael have stood the test of time.) The list of girl names does feature some century-old classics like Elizabeth. Yet, other names once deemed old-fashioned, such as Sophia and Isabella, have ascended to the top 10 list of baby girl names.

Pop culture and famous personalities’ baby names have played a role in shaping naming trends for baby girls. For instance, Luna, previously viewed as a unique baby name, gained popularity when celebrity duo Chrissy Teigen and John Legend christened their daughter Luna in autumn 2016. Presently, it stands as the tenth most favored girl’s name, with similar celestial names like Nova and Aurora witnessing a surge in popularity.

Moreover, nature-inspired names such as Lily, Ivy, Hazel, and Willow feature among the top 50 most favored girl names. Similarly, vibrant girl names like Scarlett and Violet are also gaining popularity.

The Top 5 Rapidly Growing Girls Names of 2023

Commencing last year, the Social Security Administration began ranking the top five rapidly growing girls’ names. While Wrenlee led the list in 2022, here are the names that made the biggest leaps in the current year:

1. Kaeli: A feminine name with Irish roots, signifying “slender.”

2. Alitzel: Originating from Native American heritage, this vibrant name conveys “rainbow lady.”

3. Emryn: A potent gender-neutral name of Welsh origin denoting “immortal ruler.”

4. Adhara: With Arabic roots signifying “virgins,” and also representing one of the brightest stars in the sky, aligning with the celestial naming trend.

5. Azari: Of Hebrew origins, Azari signifies “helped by God.”

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