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Five Easy Hairstyle Ideas For Busy Black Mothers

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Five Easy Hairstyle Ideas For Busy Black Mothers

Being occupied mothers, we often lack the time to prepare, and hair washing days seldom coincide with times we desire to appear well-groomed. There’s always a myriad of other tasks demanding completion before we step out: dressing our children, ensuring nothing is forgotten, and lastly, tending to our own appearance. Occasionally, it can feel overwhelming and tiring to manage everything. I have lost count of the instances when I hastily tied my hair in a disheveled bun simply because crafting a convenient and adorable hairstyle seemed beyond my time and energy constraints.

Collaborating with hairstylist Luch, here are five effortless hairstyles for Black mothers on the move, suitable for both natural and relaxed hair, along with additional pointers to effortlessly achieve these styles.

1. Elevated Ponytail or Puff

One of my personal top picks is an elevated ponytail, puff, or bun due to its adaptability. With some water, a bit of gel, edge control, and a hair elastic, you can fashion a sophisticated, playful, or alluring look. These styles can mask unwashed hair days, keep hair away from the face, and function as a default style for times when we’re pressed for time. For the ideal high, tousled ponytail, apply gel, bend over, and gather your hair into a ponytail at the top of your head, then secure it with a hair tie. Alternatively, for a sleek appearance and taming flyaways, consider using Bed Head’s Hair Wax Stick For Strong Hold ($23.00, Ulta). To impart extra volume to your ponytail, the Kitsch Pro Ponyfull ($12.00, Ulta) can be inserted in the middle of your ponytail to enhance height and fullness.

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Two. Rapid Wash ‘n’ Go

The wash-and-go style is highly sought after within the natural hair community. It involves styling your hair without manipulation or heat, though some stylists allow for the use of a hooded dryer or a diffuser. Executed correctly, it’s a fast and simple style that hydrates your locks and offers them respite from the harm of heat tools. Simply wash and condition your hair, apply styling products suitable for your curl pattern, and you’re set to go.

3. Twisted or Braided Style

Luch mentioned that after washing your hair, you can fashion twists or braids, and while this style demands a bit more effort, the results are remarkable. “Start by dividing your hair into four sections, work through each section based on your preferred number of braids/twists (around six per section is adequate), and remember to apply a leave-in/curl cream to each section,” Luch recommended. “You can flaunt this style for a few days or cover it with a head wrap. Upon unraveling, you’ll achieve a beautiful style that can be further styled or worn as a fro.”

4. Protective Braiding

Protective styles like braids may demand time during installation, but they ultimately save you significant time in your day-to-day life. There’s an assortment of styles to select from: box braids, Fulani braids, crochet braids, knotless braids, and many more. The array of possibilities and aesthetics is limitless. Luch suggests reflecting on using human hair braids if you’re worried about tension and weight, as they are notably lighter than Kanekalon hair. “Your braids can be styled in various ways: high ponytail, low ponytail, half-up half-down, bun, or simply worn down.”

She advises maintaining the health of your braided hair by spritzing a light leave-in conditioner followed by scalp oil application. “For those who wash their hair while in braids, post-wash and nearly dry, replicate these steps with a leave-in and oil. Subsequently, apply mousse and secure it with a scarf to keep flyaways in place.”

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5. A Hairpiece

Even if you’ve not experimented with hairpieces before, there are numerous fantastic options for novices. Hairpieces also offer the chance to experiment with styles, hair tones, and appearances you’ve always desired to try. Adhesive-free hairpieces include an elastic band and adaptable straps at the back, eliminating the need for adhesives and allowing for effortless wearing. Headband hairpieces are another easy-to-wear option suitable for beginners: They feature a headband connected to the hairline of the hairpiece, providing stability and a natural appearance.

Another excellent type of hairpiece for a quick, on-the-go look is a U-part hairpiece. This design incorporates hair extensions attached to a U-shaped hairpiece cap crafted with mesh and clips. The cap has an opening at the top for your natural hair, ideal for those who prefer a natural look without using adhesives. Mayvenn and Big Chop Hair are reputable hairpiece brands with a wide range of choices that simplify the process of selecting hairpieces and extensions, ensuring you find a style you adore.

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