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Tips for Moms To Embrace Self-Care This Valentine’s Day

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Tips for Moms To Embrace Self-Care This Valentine’s Day

Celebrating love is the essence of Valentine’s Day. As mothers, we engage in numerous acts daily to express love for our families, but how often do we prioritize ourselves? Being a mother should not demand complete selflessness. Practicing self-love is equally crucial as it provides the essential rest and revitalization needed to manage our responsibilities. While February 14th may seem like any other day of ferrying the kids to school and managing endless loads of laundry, it can serve as a reminder to prioritize our well-being.

Embracing self-love is vital for our holistic well-being and mental health, enabling us to become the best version of ourselves, thus benefitting our physical health, relationships, and personal development. Self-love commences with acceptance—acknowledging our present state and understanding our physical and emotional needs. Being a mom should not entail sacrificing your desires or requirements for the sake of your child(ren). You can attend to both.

Nurturing self-love varies for everyone. It could range from extroverts deriving energy from socializing with friends to introverts finding solace in solitude. Consider prioritizing your needs and desires this Valentine’s Day. Striking the right balance may necessitate effort, but it is worthwhile.

Practical Ways for Moms to Embrace Self-Love

1. Gift or Purchase Some Flowers for Yourself

Expressing self-love can be as elementary as gifting or purchasing flowers for yourself—just like Miley Cyrus sings about. Flowers serve as a natural mood lifter that you can customize to your preference. Consider selecting birth month flowers like roses and honeysuckles that symbolize your child’s June birthday; they can inspire, motivate, and serve as a reminder of your littlest love(s).

2. Recite Affirmations of Positivity

As a mom, you may not always receive the gratitude you deserve for your tireless efforts. While receiving a “Thank you, mom,” from your toddler or teenager would be delightful, you should also empower yourself by affirming your own merits. Choose a phrase or two that resonate with you. You can vocalize them upon awakening or inscribe them on your bathroom mirror.

If you need ideas, consider the following affirmations:

  • I embrace myself as I am.
  • I commend myself for reaching this point.
  • I am the mother my children need.

3. Personalize Your Self-Care

Self-care is often associated with indulgent spa visits or luxurious bubble baths at home. When you are responsible for your children 24/7, you might assume that such self-care is unattainable. However, self-care encompasses any activity that makes you feel positive about yourself.

It could entail donning an outfit that boosts your confidence—or spending the day in comfortable attire. You might revive an old hobby you haven’t had time for or luxuriate in a soothing bath. Even a simple act like making your bed can produce a sense of accomplishment to propel you through the day.

4. Connect with a Friend

Amidst the hectic schedule of parenting, nurturing a social life may appear unfeasible, but you can carve out a few minutes each day for a phone call. Conversing with a friend can instantly uplift your mood and remind you of the supportive network beyond your home. Consider allocating 10-minute intervals a few times a week to connect with a friend or loved one. In fact, the New York Times spoke highly of the benefits of an eight-minute phone call in their Seven-Day Happiness Challenge. It’s an ideal duration for meaningful connection without overwhelming your schedule.

5. Detach from Your Phone

Social media often exerts pressure on mothers. Scrolling through Instagram and witnessing the seemingly “perfect” lives of influencer moms can induce feelings of inadequacy if your kitchen isn’t spotless or your children aren’t matching impeccably. While social media can be captivating, taking breaks from it can be even more gratifying. Consider setting limits, such as banning your phone from the bedroom or using a timer to restrict prolonged scrolling.

6. Revel in Your Favorite Music

Moms are accustomed to memorizing their kids’ favorite playlists owing to frequent exposure. This Valentine’s Day, allocate time to relish music that you adore. If it’s been a while, endeavor to discover a new artist to appreciate. And don’t halt there—when you’re truly immersed in the music, indulge in your private dance session to release pent-up tension.

7. Explore New Physical Activities

Here’s reassuring news: discovering the art of self-care can be enjoyable. Engage in a new pursuit and revel in the experience by partaking in fresh physical activities. Experiment with a different workout, yoga, or pilates class and savor the gratifying sensation of challenging your body in a novel manner.

8. Prioritize Rest

Although it may sound far-fetched, prioritizing sleep is crucial. It’s easy to allow non-essential activities to encroach upon your precious sleep time, whether it’s endless scrolling or engrossing in a gripping novel. While there’s no harm in an extra app session or a few additional pages, our lives improve significantly when we accord as much importance to sleep as we do to physical exertion.

9. Commence Journaling

Nothing fuels nighttime agitation or contributes to stress as much as incessant contemplation. A great method to quell the efflux of thoughts is to pen them down. Initiate the practice of journaling a few times a week to document any concerns, cherished memories, or invigorating anticipations, and witness how admirably clear your mind becomes.

10. Pamper Yourself with a Small Indulgence

Add that new cookbook, the shoes you’ve been eyeing, or the wellness product you’ve been contemplating to your cart. Every now and then, treating yourself to something you desire can be immensely satisfying. After all, you deserve it!

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