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Must Have Baby Sleep Essentials For New Parents

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Must Have Baby Sleep Essentials For New Parents

Inquire from any parent who has recently experienced the early stages of parenthood, and they will recount how sleep is a precious commodity that is both elusive and occupies their thoughts daily. The slumber of babies is among the most challenging aspects of being a newly minted parent, and there is no denying that as parents, we endure sleep deprivation. So, is the quest for rest a lost cause for new parents? Absolutely not! While there is no miraculous remedy for the lack of sleep during the initial phase of your baby’s life, there are several considerations (and essential baby sleep items) that can assist in setting the stage for a positive sleep experience for both your baby and yourself.

“I strongly advocate approaching their sleep as a puzzle, ensuring that all the essential components are in place,” advises Michele Wawerski, the brain behind Peaceful Littles and a certified professional sleep advisor. While it is a reality that you will need to adjust to new sleep schedules and inevitably endure some sleepless nights, aiding your baby in establishing a healthy sleep regimen is within your control by factoring in a few pieces of that puzzle. According to Wawerski, these elements include the sleeping environment, bedtime routine, schedule, calming response, room adaptation, and regularity. “Pediatric sleep is an odyssey. Maintaining adherence to a sleep plan will enable your little one to develop a sound sleep routine,” Wawerski further explains.

Let’s clarify; we understand that all we can do is put forth our best effort as parents, and not all infants or families are the same—so, what works best for you should be your primary focus. However, if you seek some items to encourage your baby’s sleep, ensuring their safety and comfort, and possibly granting you a bit more shut-eye, this is the ideal resource for you.

From cradles to swaddle wraps, the ultimate sound generator, an intelligent surveillance equipment, and even a baby whisperer (If You Know, You Know!), here are our recommendations for the finest baby sleep necessities to include on your wishlist.

The task of curating your baby registry can be a bit overwhelming, but fret not, as we are here to offer assistance with selections endorsed by editors and experts encompassing everything essential for your newborn (and for you!) in our second annual Baby Registry Awards. Click here to discover our top recommendations covering everything from baby bouncers to feeding bottles.

Monitoring Devices & Sound Gadgets

Rest+ 2nd Gen

Sound machine, nightlight, and clock, this smart sleep assistant does it all! Plus, you can change the device’s sounds and lights remotely with the Hatch app.

Pro Camera Baby Monitor

This baby monitor does more than just provide a great view of your baby! You can set up push notifications to the device of your choice and see baby from anywhere without lugging extra gear around.

SleepSure Baby Monitor

A new smart wearable monitor that tracks baby’s movement, heart rate, skin temperature, and more. Reviewers are saying it’s “better than the Owlet!”

Dream Duo 2

The Dream Duo is priced at a premium, but it offers a sense of security with its intelligent monitor and sock pair. Monitoring your baby’s sleep patterns and quality removes the uncertainty of when to have them nap and when they sleep best.

Available in 3 colors

Sleep Miracle Soother

This is a hidden gem valued by our editors, might not make sense until you’ve tried it, but you’ll be thankful later.

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