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A Certified Sleep Expert Shares The Signs To Look For To Stop Swaddling

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A Certified Sleep Expert Shares The Signs To Look For To Stop Swaddling

# A Certified Sleep Expert Shares The Signs To Look For To Stop Swaddling

Have you recently welcomed your little one? If so, you are probably becoming familiar with diaper changes, feeding times, and swaddling your newborn baby. Swaddling is the practice of wrapping your baby in a snug blanket, and it has been used for centuries as an effective soothing tool. Swaddling helps recreate the womb environment, calm a colicky baby, and muffle the startle reflex. It provides a sense of safety and security for your baby, helping them fall asleep faster. However, as your baby grows, their need for swaddling changes. Here are some key signs to look for to determine the best time to stop swaddling and transition to a sleep sack.

## When to Stop Swaddling

It is important to find the right age to stop swaddling your baby. As your baby grows, they require more movement throughout the day and night. Swaddling for too long can limit their mobility. Most babies transition out of swaddling between 2 to 3 months old.

### Signs to Know When to Stop Swaddling

There are several signs to watch for that indicate it is time to stop swaddling your baby:

– Baby is showing signs of rolling
– Baby is starting to resist the swaddle
– Baby is breaking out of the swaddle
– The startle reflex has diminished

## How to Transition From a Swaddle

Once your baby is showing signs that they are ready to move out of the swaddle, you can start transitioning to a sleep sack. There are different methods you can try:

– Gradual transition
– Cold turkey
– Use a transitional suit

## How to Help During the Sleep Sack Transition

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