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Bath Time MOM HACKS ℠ (Ep. 5)


Bath Time MOM HACKS ℠ (Ep. 5)

# Bath Time Mom Hacks (Ep. 5)
Because you know your kids aren’t getting in the bath without a fight, here are 12 #MomHacks to make bath time easier! Share this video and subscribe (it’s free!) for more from this new series and videos every M-W-Th-F! Supplies and more info below!

## Hacks:
– Use non-slip decals to make the tub safer, and create zones for each kid in order to keep the peace.
– Spray foaming shaving cream into a bowl, grab some brushes and let kids paint all over the bath.
– Limit soap by twisting rubber bands around the pump nozzle. When pushing down, it delivers only a small amount of soap.
– Secure little ones in a laundry basket to make it easier for them to sit, and keep their toys in reach.
– Use a pool noodle to cover metal shower tracks to help kids safe in the bath, and you feel comfortable leaning against it.
– Hot glue the hole in squirt or squeak toys to prevent mold.
– Freeze toys in ice cubes, and toss them into the bath. Your kids will love watching them melt!
– If you share a tub with your kids, and lose your razor cover, use a binder clip to protect it.
– A wet dryer sheet gets rid of tough soap scum and handprints from the shower door.
– When it comes to bath toys, think outside the box! Poke holes in a plastic water bottle, try stackable plastic cups for imaginary baking, or use a kitchen colander to make it rain.
– Use a hanging tiered fruit basket to organize toys getting in the way.
– To avoid getting eyes wet or soapy, use a sports water bottle. Manage tangles by conditioning and combing long hair under weather.

## Supplies
– Non-Slip Bath Decals
– Foam Shaving Cream
– Plastic Bowls
– Paintbrushes
– Laundry Basket
– Pool Noodle
– Hot Glue Gun
– Animal Action Figurines
– Ice Trays
– Binder Clips
– Dryer Sheets
– Colander
– Mini-plastic cups
– Tiered Fruit Basket

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