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Check Out These 12 Books For Children on the Occasion of Indigenous Peoples’ Day

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Check Out These 12 Books For Children on the Occasion of Indigenous Peoples’ Day

At The Everymom, instead of commemorating Columbus Day, we are dedicated to acknowledging and honoring Native and Indigenous People, their varied cultures, and rich customs by observing October 9 as Indigenous Peoples’ Day. We urge parents to initiate discussions with young ones about the original inhabitants of this country and recognize the tragic reality of our interconnected history. As a parent, I’ve discovered that books are an excellent way to broach challenging subjects with kids. They establish the groundwork today so that even our littlest ones can approach the world with a modest heart and receptive mind. To kickstart the process of reshaping the narrative for children, here is a collection of 12 exquisite picture books that provide insight into the lives of Indigenous people and are perfect to read on Indigenous Peoples’ Day as well as any day.

12 Books for Indigenous Peoples’ Day to Share With Kids

From the popular series Little People, BIG DREAMS comes the account of Wilma Mankiller, a Native American activist and the first woman to be elected as Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation.

Kevin Noble Maillard
2. Fry Bread
Fry Bread is an award-winning picture book that revolves around family warmth and love, while delving into the experience of growing up as a Native.

Cynthia L. Smith
3. Jingle Dancer
This book follows a child of Muscogee and Ojibway heritage, as she longs to perform the traditional Jingle Dance of her people. The narrative is a poignant portrayal of family, culture, and the customs that bind generations together.

Carole Lindstrom
4. We Are Water Protectors
We Are Water Protectors traces the journey of a young Native child as she stands with her family and friends to safeguard the Earth’s water from human neglect and harm.

because we all want to raise nice humans!

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