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Considering Whether to Inform Kids the Reality About Santa?

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Considering Whether to Inform Kids the Reality About Santa?

As a new parent, you are faced with numerous challenging choices. From breastfeeding to sleeping arrangements, the decision about whether or not to introduce the concept of Santa Claus to children demands careful consideration, according to accredited marriage and family therapist Rebecca Turner.

For many families observing Christmas, Santa Claus brings a enchanting dimension to childhood custom, nurturing imaginative play and instilling a feeling of awe and amazement during the holiday period. However, Turner and others have concerns about the potential effect on trust and bonding between parents and children.

Is it Wise to Disclose Santa to My Kids?

When weighing the possibility of introducing the notion of Santa Claus, Turner urges families to highlight what he embodies – affection, generosity, happiness, and the enchantment of Christmas. She also recommends that parents start communication early and allow children to have a say in the matter, empowering them to decide about their convictions.

Child therapist Sofia Mendoza also acknowledges the inclination to embrace the enchantment of the season and proposes that Santa can still play a role in family customs with open dialogue and the choice for children to decide whether or not to perpetuate the tradition.

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Several parents divulged their strategies regarding the Santa custom, with some completely embracing the magic of Santa and others adopting a more practical approach, prioritizing honesty and transparent communication with their children.
In general, the decision of whether or not to divulge Santa Claus to kids is deeply individual, and diverse families handle it in their own distinct way according to their principles and convictions.

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