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Discover How To Craft a Cosy Reading Corner for Children

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Discover How To Craft a Cosy Reading Corner for Children

Ever since my little girl was very young, she has adored reading. Even when she was a tiny tot, she would eagerly leaf through picture books. By the age of 2, she had converted the lower part of her closet into a reading retreat complete with a collection of books and cushions. Over the years, I’ve found her engrossed in books in different snug spots, like within a cupboard or tucked behind an armchair.

A well-chosen reading nook can truly enhance the reading experience for kids. Here are some professional recommendations to assist you in creating the ideal reading corner for your little ones:

Pick the Right Area

Interior designer Tamara Day proposes exploring concealed square footage under stairs, in corridors, or at the rear of closets to establish a cosy reading nook. For a nook inspired by a beloved children’s tale, Day suggests transforming a deep closet into a nook reminiscent of the portal to Narnia. If you need visual inspiration on how to convert unused spaces in your home into snug reading retreats, take a look at the photos below.

The Space Near the Stairs

A small, neglected space can be transformed into a delightful and unexpected reading area with a fresh coat of paint and cosy furnishings.

A Built-In With a Small Footprint

You can fashion a snug reading nook in a confined space with a built-in bench and shelf combination that provides seating and storage without occupying much space.

An Imaginative Refuge

Utilize extra space by turning it into a sanctuary dedicated to book enthusiasts, comprising a sizable floor cushion, a reading tent, and a wall adorned with favorite titles.

A DIY Concealed Library

Create a hidden library that elevates reading to a new level, making your child feel as if they are entering a mystical realm.

Maximize Small Spaces

According to LA-based interior designer Bre Hance, you can create a snug reading nook without requiring abundant space or furniture. She suggests using wall-mounted fixtures such as shelves and lighting, along with beanbags and poufs instead of larger chairs.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

Take advantage of wall space by installing narrow, wall-mounted shelves that can exhibit the covers of your child’s beloved books.

A Movable Book Nook

Create a portable book nook that can be relocated around the house, enabling your child to carry their little library to any location.

A Bookish Corner

Transform an empty corner into a functional and chic bookshelf, adding a touch of playfulness by draping gauzy curtains from the shelves.

Choose the Right Seating

Choosing the appropriate seating is essential in creating a comfortable reading nook for your child.

A Fashionable Swing

Consider a swing chair that can gently sway your child while they read, offering both comfort and style.

A Cosy Armchair

An armchair provides support, flexibility, and style, offering a comfortable space for your child to read for extended periods.

Comfortable Floor Cushions

Utilize floor cushions to establish a relaxed and snug atmosphere, enabling your child to find the perfect spot to read.

Infuse Personality

Allow your child’s individuality to shine through in their reading nook by incorporating lively patterns, cherished toys, and playful adornments.

A Striking Burst of Pattern

Inject charm and personality into the space with a vibrant and playful wallpaper to make a significant impact in a small area.

Creature Comforts

Incorporate your child’s treasured toys and items into the reading nook to make it feel more special and tailored to them.

The Right Accoutrements

Use artwork and decorative pieces that mirror your child’s interests to add allure and character to the reading nook.

The most crucial thing to bear in mind when creating a book nook is to make it a space where your child feels at ease, engrossed, and thrilled to read. With the right setting, books can genuinely whisk kids away to enchanting worlds and cultivate a lasting passion for reading.

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