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Everything You Must Understand About Silver Nursing Cups For Breastfeeding

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Everything You Must Understand About Silver Nursing Cups For Breastfeeding

Any recent mother will understand that mastering the art of breastfeeding during those initial weeks can be challenging, and two things we must provide additional attention to during our breastfeeding journey are our nipples, and that’s where silver nursing cups can be a blessing.

Nipple soreness during breastfeeding is normal, and it’s very common for mothers to undergo sensitive, tender, cracked, and sometimes even bleeding nipples in the early days of breastfeeding, often caused by poor attachment or positioning issues.

The positive news is that there are numerous things we can attempt to help calm our sore nipples including the use of silver nursing cups.

What do silver nursing cups entail?

If you’ve never heard of them before, silver nursing cups are crafted to soothe and safeguard the nipples throughout both pregnancy and the breastfeeding expedition. Crafted from silver, their purpose is to hasten the healing process of sore and painful nipples between feeds and often come in varying sizes based on the distinct shape of your nipples.

Why silver?

You may be questioning why these petite nipple shields are made from silver and not something a bit more pleasant and less cold and hard on the nipples? In actuality, silver is naturally antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial with anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe any tenderness and aid your nipple recovery.

Due to the antibacterial properties, there is no requisite to sterilize your silver nipple cups, and they just need a good rinse under warm water and thorough dry between each use to keep them clean.

How to utilize silver nursing cups

Simply position your silver nursing cups over your nipples using your nursing or maternity bra to hold them in place and secure. They’re intended to be worn on a regular basis whenever you’re not feeding your little one, either as a preventive measure or on a temporary basis until your nipples are recovered and the discomfort has diminished. Once you’ve formed your breastfeeding routine without any nipple tenderness and discomfort, you can discontinue wearing them.

The finest silver nursing cups to purchase

These cups are sculpted from 999 silver and are nickel-free. The structure of the Pippeta cup is tailored

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