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Exciting Fresh Hair Care Items For My Kid’s Healthy Hair

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Exciting Fresh Hair Care Items For My Kid’s Healthy Hair

Quality time with my child is a priority, especially in the mornings and evenings, celebrating his unique characteristics. It’s essential for me to provide him with positive affirmations, such as embracing his biracial heritage and celebrating his Black features, including his beautiful coiled curls reaching towards the sky. After tending to his hair and skin, I encourage him to take pride in his appearance by looking in the mirror.

Finding the right hair care product can be a challenge for anyone, but it’s particularly difficult to find high-quality options for Black hair care, especially for Black children. Despite Black consumers spending nine times more on hair care products than other ethnic groups within the $2.5 billion Black hair care industry, there are limited options available, with Black hair products often relegated to the far end of the hair care aisle in big box stores.

Upon discovering that Gabrielle Union-Wade and Dwyane Wade, the parents of Shady Baby, expanded their Proudly brand to include hair care products “crafted for textured hair babies,” I was eager to try it. Here’s my candid assessment of Proudly kid’s hair care after using it for my son.

Review of Proudly Kid’s Hair Care

After using Proudly hair products on my son’s hair for the past month (available at Target), I can offer an overview of my experience with their products and the impact on his hair.

Evaluation of Proudly Hair Products

With scented hair care products, I always approach with caution due to the potential overwhelming scent. However, Proudly’s “Natural, Gentle, Sweet Vanilla scent” was subtle. The Softening Shampoo lathered well and effectively cleansed my son’s hair without drying it out. His hair has a mix of kinky curls at the roots that gradually loosen as it grows. As most of his curls are on the looser end, I opted for the Moisturizing Medium Conditioner. Despite the conditioner’s stickier consistency, it lived up to its promise by leaving his curls soft to the touch.

I was hoping for a cleaner, less “patchy” spray from the Defining Detangler. I do hope Proudly will upgrade its spray nozzle. Nonetheless, the actual product did not disappoint. The detangler’s slip made the process of gently untangling his curls a breeze.

Experience with Proudly Hair Products

The Proudly Defining Detangler has made it easier to prepare my little one at the beginning and end of each day. While he continues to negotiate for “five more minutes,” I find myself dedicating less time and effort to giving his curls the necessary tender attention. The Defining Detangler and the Moisturizing Medium Conditioner have become part of our daily routine. I’ve observed the durability of his soft curls and their resilience between wash days.

Endorsement for Proudly Hair Products

Absolutely! My son deserves more than the generic one-size-fits-all, 3-in-1 products for Black kids that barely deliver on their promises. I appreciate not only Gabrielle Union-Wade and Dwayne Wade’s mission for their Proudly brand but also the increasing focus on products created with Black hair in mind. As a Black woman and mother, I’m acutely aware of the unspoken expectations tied to how both Black adults and kids are judged and perceived based on their hair.

I aspire to raise a confident child exuding #BlackBoyJoy. Products designed with him in mind make the preparation process more manageable for both of us. We can share a laugh about his pretend inability to count to 10 (when he can actually count to 20!). After we’re done, he walks over to his mirror, smiles, and expresses his satisfaction with how he looks and feels; witnessing this fills me with pride.

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