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Fun Easter Activities For The Whole Family At Home

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Fun Easter Activities For The Whole Family At Home

Easter is nearly upon us and you know what that means. Chocolate, chocolate and MORE chocolate… and weight gain. However, if you’re looking for other fun things to do to celebrate the Easter holiday. Besides eating far too much chocolate and the typical Easter egg hunt, we have 10 entertaining activities for the whole family to enjoy. Keep reading to find out how you can celebrate this Easter holiday with your loved ones.

10 Fun Easter Activities for the Whole Family 

1. Egg and Spoon Race

Fun Easter Activities, Egg and Spoon This traditional backyard game will have the whole family smiling! After your Easter egg hunt is complete, grab a couple of spoons and eggs (hard boiled is best for this game) and let the races begin! You can race individually or relay-style. Each participant, or team, gets a spoon and an egg and the objective of the game is to race whilst balancing your egg on your spoon. Whoever finishes the race first, without dropping their egg, wins!

2. How Many Jelly Beans?

Fun Easter Activities, Jelly Belly

Next up, jelly beans! This is an easy indoor game that’s appropriate for all ages! Simply take a jar and fill it with jelly beans and ask each family member to write down their guesses of how many jelly beans they think there are. Whoever guesses the closest, without going over, wins the jelly beans!

3. Decorate Easter Eggs

Fun Easter Activities, Easter Eggs

Get crafty and creative and decorate Easter eggs this holiday! This is super fun for anyone who loves to let their artsy side shine and a perfect activity for the kids! Dye your Easter eggs, paint them, draw on them, the sky is the limit with Easter egg decorating.

A great place to get arts and crafts materials is Joann’s! You can easily get it delivered or order for a quick pick-up in stores.

4. Plant Flowers

Easter is a symbol of rebirth, so what better day to plant some pretty flowers like daffodils or tulips with your budding gardeners? Even though fall is considered the season to plant bulbs, you can plant them indoors anytime of the year! With that being said, grab some pot plants, soil and seeds and get planting!

5. The Bunny Hop

Time for a dance party. Whether you’re having a big family gathering or it’s just you and your kids at home, there’s nothing like some good old-fashioned dancing. So, turn on your favorite playlist  and everyone can show off their best dance moves. Why not learn the famous rabbit-y dance? You and the family can learn how to do The Bunny Hop together.

6. Animal Friends

Fun Easter Activities, Animal Friends

Even little tots can get in on the Easter fun this year with our animal activity. Kids love to pretend to be animals so have them walk around and act like some of their favorite spring animals (chicks, bunnies, and ducklings are the most fun) and soon they’ll be peeping, hopping, waddling, and quacking their way around.

7. Easter Chick Cupcakes

Fun Easter Activities, Cupcakes

If your family likes baking, try making cute Easter cupcakes! They’re almost too adorable to eat, but trust us, they’re delicious so you’ll want to devour them right away! Simply make regular cupcakes, dip them in yellow sanding sugar, add chocolate chips for eyes, and pipe on the rest of the face and wings and voila! They’re super easy to prepare and are great for the family to enjoy or for the kids Easter parties at school!

You can also celebrate by opening a Easter Basket together. Delicious and fun.

8. Corn Hole Toss

The Easter pastels make this game perfectly relevant for the holiday—and such a fun excuse to get everyone outside! You could even decorate your bean bags for the corn hole toss with chicks and bunnies to take the spring theme to the next level.

9. Decorate an Easter Tree

Decorating an Easter tree is just as fun as decorating a Christmas tree! Simply get yourself a branch that would be great for hanging decorations, paint it white or pink, and add all of your Easter decorations. It’s even more fun if you DIY your Easter tree decorations and the kids will love to help decorating the tree!

10. Easter Bunny Footprints

Have your little ones in awe waking up on Easter morning to the magical surprise of Easter Bunny footprints around the house or garden! It only takes a few minutes to do and the kids will be jumping up and down with excitement. Make your bunny footprints out of flour or powdered sugar, so they are easy to clean up after all the excitement has died down. Your little ones will be ecstatic to see the tracks left by Mr. Easter Bunny himself!

In conclusion, we hope you enjoyed our article on these 10 fun Easter activities for the whole family!

Looking for some Easter themed food to prepare for the day? Check out this adorable and delicious deviled egg recipe!

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