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How To Easily Wrap Weird Shaped Gift Items

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How To Easily Wrap Weird Shaped Gift Items

# How To Easily Wrap Weird Shaped Gift Items

Wrapping gifts can be a fun or stressful task, especially when it’s a weird-shaped gift. There are many different types of gifts that can be challenging to wrap during the holiday season. To simplify the process, here’s a guide on how to wrap weird-shaped gifts, featuring a chocolate box, a candle, and a photo in a frame, along with some tips on how to enhance your wrapping.

## Materials Needed

Before getting started, gather the following materials: ribbon, scissors, a marker, tape, fake flowers, postcards or photos, and craft paper or wrapping paper.

## How to Wrap a Chocolate Box

Start with the simpler task of wrapping a chocolate box. Measure the craft or wrapping paper to fit around the box, leaving a one-inch border. Fold and secure the paper, and add some decorative fake flowers to enhance the gift wrapping.

## How to Wrap a Candle

Wrapping a circular candle might be a bit more challenging, but not impossible. Create a circular shape with the wrapping paper, make pleats, and secure it with tape. Finally, add some ribbon as a decorative touch.

## How to Wrap a Personalized Photo Frame

For a personalized photo frame, measure the wrapping paper, fold it around the frame, and secure it with tape. Then, add ribbons and a postcard to complete the look.

## How to Make a Gift Bag From Wrapping Paper

If none of the methods above work for your gift, consider making a gift bag from wrapping paper. By folding and taping the paper, you can create a custom gift bag for your unique-shaped present.

Wrapping gifts can be enjoyable with these tips, and you can also browse our gift guide and Secret Santa guide for more ideas.I cannot paraphrase the content you have provided.

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