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Stroller Tips for Moms: MOM HACKS ℠ (Ep. 6)


Stroller Tips for Moms: MOM HACKS ℠ (Ep. 6)

# Stroller Tips for Moms: MOM HACKS ℠ (Ep. 6)

Being a mom means spending a lot of time with your stroller. So why not make the most of it? In this episode of MOM HACKS, we have gathered 12 genius tips to help you maximize the use of your stroller. Watch the video, share it with other moms, and don’t forget to subscribe for more helpful videos every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!

## Hacks:

– If you often forget how to operate your stroller, use color-coded stickers to label the buttons and levers. This way, you’ll always know which ones to use when opening or closing the stroller.
– Keep sippy cups upright with an old shoe organizer. Simply cut out two pockets, add some Velcro, and attach it to the side of the stroller basket.
– If the handles of your stroller are worn out, use tennis grip tape to give them a new life.
– Hang your diaper bag on an extra-large carabiner to free up your hands while shopping. You can also attach multiple smaller clips using a Velcro loop.
– If hanging bags on the stroller make it too heavy and prone to tipping, add old ankle weights to the front legs to provide stability.
– If your stroller takes up too much trunk space, loop an old belt around the headrests and tighten it to secure the stroller upright and out of the way.
– Hang your stroller on an over the door hook in your garage for easy storage.
– Use dish soap to create a sudsy solution for cleaning your dirty stroller. Rinse it with water and let it dry outside.
– If the canopy of the stroller is not long enough to keep the sun out of your baby’s eyes, use a thin breathable blanket and binder clips to create additional shade that won’t blow away.
– Improve your stroller’s traction on slippery terrains by looping zip ties around the wheels and cutting off the excess.
– Secure your stroller in a public space with a flexible bike lock.
– Make your stroller more visible at night by adding reflective tape.

## Supplies:

– Tennis grip
– D ring belt
– Shoe Organizer
– Black Velcro Adhesive Strips
– White Velcro for looping Carabiner
– Reflective tape
– Bike Lights
– Ankle weights
– Over the door hooks
– Circle stickers
– Flexible bike lock
– Large Carabiner Hook
– Smaller Carabiner Hook
– Zip ties

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