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The All New SmarTrike Traveler Active Stroller

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The All New SmarTrike Traveler Active Stroller

SmarTrike has unveiled a groundbreaking Traveler Active Stroller that shifts from a pushchair to a toddler trike effortlessly with the mere click of a button.

This adaptable stroller is created for use from six months to four years of age, ensuring that the SmarTrike Traveler Active Stroller is durable and multifaceted.

A pivotal innovation for caretakers, the SmarTrike Traveler Active Stroller fosters autonomy, enhances fine motor competencies, and encourages salutary growth through active engagement and discovery.



  • Unique design
  • 4-in-1 versatility suitable from infancy to preschool
  • Rapid folding feature
  • Simplified transition between parent and child steering
  • Extendable sunshade with UPF 40 protection


  • Rain shield is sold separately
Max child weight:22kg
Combined weight of stroller and trike:7.5kg
Dimensions as trike:77.5 x 53.5 x 71cm
Measurements when folded:63 x 53.5 x 28cm
Dimensions when unfolded:77.5 x 53.5 x 105cm
Appropriate for age range:6 months to 4 years
  • Incorporated pedals
  • 1 x bumper bar
  • 1 x carry pouch
  • UPF 50+ sunshade
  • Pivoting front wheels

Evolutionary Phases of the SmarTrike Traveler Dynamic Stroller

This Dynamic Traveler effortlessly transitions to suit your growing child:

At six months old

Equipped with an adjustable, reclining seat up to 160 degrees for peaceful naps, the Dynamic Traveler boasts a design concentrated on coziness. It comes with a detachable footrest, a five-point harness, and a supportive bumper bar.

An expedient quick-fold mechanism enhances the ease of stowing away the stroller.

Reaching 12 months of age

While still enabling parental control of movement, the Dynamic Traveler accords toddlers a semblance of navigating their own course with grasp-friendly handlebars and steering. Front-wheel dampeners ensure a tranquil and stable voyage across varied surfaces.

Additionally, the Dynamic Traveler is outfitted with a UPF 50 sunshade for the safety of your child during outdoor expeditions.

Upon 18 months

Parents possess the ease of toggling between their control and the child’s steering configurations, allowing toddlers to engage in guiding the stroller briefly and nurtures their coordination. This grants a sense of autonomy to children who may be averse to sitting in a conventional stroller.

Advancing to 24 months

As children mature beyond the need for a stroller, the pedals can be attached to transform the Dynamic Traveler from a pushchair into a tricycle. If your confidant explorer grows weary, the stroller can revert to parental guidance mode, sparing you from having to lug both the trike and the child.

Samantha Ball, a steadfast writer for Mother&Baby since 2018 and a mother to two, delights in scouting the market for the finest products for children and charming seasonal attire for little ones.

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