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The Exclusive Graco Near2Me DLX bundle Is Now Available For Sale

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The Exclusive Graco Near2Me DLX bundle Is Now Available For Sale

Graco, a highly reliable brand in baby essentials, has introduced the Near2Me DLX travel system bundle, offering exceptional value. This bundle includes the popular, adjustable Near2Me DLX stroller with a sleek new frame design, providing more space for your little one while keeping them close during outings. And that’s not all, you also receive the SnugLite i-Size R129 infant car seat, the SnugTurn i-Size R129 rotating car seat base, and the stylish Near2Me DLX bassinet, all for an amazing price of £500!

But don’t just take our word for it, we tested the Graco Near2Me DLX travel system bundle to see what our real parent reviewers had to say.

Was it simple to connect the various components of the Near2Me DLX travel system?

Elinor: “Assembling the travel system was effortless. Swapping elements with a single click was convenient. The components being lightweight made it easy to switch. I had no trouble fitting the adaptors for the car seat and bassinet.”

Maria: “I found attaching all elements to the chassis extremely easy, a crucial feature for smooth transitions like transferring the car seat without waking the baby.”

Emma: “The process was quick and hassle-free, perfect for busy moments or when your baby needs immediate attention.”

How beneficial was the Slide2Me feature, such as in a café or for a closer child interaction during outings?

Elinor: “The Slide2Me function was invaluable. With this feature, my husband and I, with different heights, could adjust the handlebar and the baby’s position easily. Also, it facilitated placing the carrycot higher for easier bag insertion—a convenience we hadn’t experienced with other strollers.”

Sarah: “I absolutely love the Slide2Me feature; it keeps my child close and comfortable, whether at a café or feeding time. Being able to easily observe and interact with my child facing me is a great advantage. This innovative feature is a well-thought-out addition.”

Megan: “The innovative Slide2Me technology is remarkable; it allowed my toddler to see through a fence gap at the zoo, a view she wouldn’t have had with another stroller.”

Was the rotating car seat connected to the SnugTurn i-Size R129 base a beneficial addition to the vehicle seat? What was the reason for your positive experience?

Megan: “Having a rotating base that facilitates entry and exit from the car is incredibly advantageous. It eases the burden of contorting into uncomfortable positions, especially in the initial postpartum weeks. A narrower car door opening requirement has also been noted, facilitating baby transfers in confined parking spaces.”

Elinor: “The turning feature significantly simplified placing the baby in the car. The seamless rotation made lifting the car seat out much easier compared to reaching over the handlebar. A straightforward twist and lift relieved strain on my back.”

Maria: “Initially, I overlooked the necessity of an isofix base with my first child. However, this innovative addition has proved to be a game-changer. The enhanced sense of security and ease of maneuvering the car seat into and out of the vehicle are notable advantages.”

Did you perceive the complete package (Near2Me DLX frame, seat unit, carrycot, SnugLite i-Size R129 car seat, SnugTurn i-Size R129 base) as an advantageous investment at £500? What led you to this conclusion?

Maria: “After previously owning a significantly pricier travel system, transitioning to this beautiful Graco set felt like a wise decision. The comprehensiveness, quality, and appealing design of this package exceeded my expectations. Both my baby and I are enamored with it, and I wholeheartedly recommend it!”

Megan: “I believe the entire system offers exceptional value for its price. During my initial search for baby gear, most travel systems hovered around the £1,000 mark—double the cost of this set. With its diverse attachments and long-term utility from infancy to toddlerhood, it stands out as a worthwhile investment. Furthermore, the inclusion of features like Slide2Me technology, a spacious storage basket, chic design, rotating car seat base, and ample canopy surpass typical expectations for budget-friendly systems. It exudes a premium feel despite its affordability.”

Emma: “The package represents excellent value, evident through the robust build quality across all components. A fantastic deal considering the features it offers.”

Which functionalities of the comprehensive travel kit appealed to you the most and why?

Megan: “I was particularly impressed by the spacious basket and hood dimensions, coupled with the easily adjustable recline feature in the stroller seat. The system’s lightweight and maneuverability were crucial factors for me when choosing a travel system.”

Emma: “The SnugTurn base stood out due to its convenience in placing and retrieving the baby from the car. The inclusion of a secure pushchair lock when folded is a thoughtful touch, preventing unexpected openings. Additionally, the generously sized bottom basket offers ample room for shopping hauls.”

Sarah: “I valued the user-friendly self-standing fold that accommodates the forward-facing seat when stored. The multi-position recline, adjustable calf support, and 5-point harness add to the comfort and safety levels. Knowing my child is secure, cozy, and well-supported provides me with peace of mind.”

Could you endorse the travel bundle system to another parent and explain why?

Elinor: “Absolutely. It offers excellent value for money. The bassinet is easily collapsible and lightweight for convenient storage or transport. The rotating car seat simplifies car entries and exits, reducing strain on the back. The extended hood on the car seat and toddler seat provides ample sun protection for my child.”

Maria: “Definitely! I wholeheartedly recommend it. The travel system’s versatile color and design blend seamlessly with any style. Its exceptional quality at an affordable price point is truly impressive. Having experienced Graco products, I am now keen to explore their offerings further due to the evident care in manufacturing.”

Sarah: “Without a doubt, I highly praise this travel bundle. Though deluxe, it comes at a reasonable cost and includes all necessary components, eliminating additional expenses. The admiration from my fellow mom friends and the comfort it provides makes me confident and stylish when pushing it around. Accessing and adjusting my little one is a breeze with this well-constructed travel system, which has become an indispensable asset for me.”

The exclusive Graco Near2Me DLX bundle is now obtainable at the compelling price of £500 in the modern Ash color scheme.

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