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This is how to help kids with online learning

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This is how to help kids with online learning

This year, school might look a lot different than usual due to the shift to online learning. Instead of attending classes at school, kids are now being taught online through the virtual world of online learning. This change might take a while for kids (and their parents) to adjust to. Thankfully, there are many ways to support your child with one of the following products for online learning for kids.

One challenge with online learning is the extended screen time, which can strain the eyes and affect sleep. Blue light from electronics may cause eye strain, blurry vision, and dry eyes. It is even said to affect your sleep. Consider purchasing a pair of blue light glasses from, which offers affordable eyewear for all budgets. You can also find great options in their sale section! This is a great time to get your kids some new spectacles!

Before getting into the details, ensure you have the right antivirus software to keep your kid’s electronic information safe. Consider using McAfee, which offers reasonably priced, top-of-the-line antivirus software, and family packs for all of your devices!

Top 10 Ways to Support Online Learning for Kids

1. Give Them a Desk

To boost productivity, kids should be encouraged to work at their own desks. Having a personal area where they can learn and do school work teaches them about responsibility and ownership while also keeping them away from potential distractions. We love this simple desk from Melissa & Doug, which has a lift-up top so they can store all their papers and pencils.

Make sure they have plenty of clothing for the online school year. The Children’s Place offers a wide variety of clothing options for kids of all ages.

2. Online Learning with Adventure Academy

When it comes to online learning for kids, going back to school has never been more fun than with Adventure Academy. Targeted towards elementary and middle school students, Adventure Academy lets your kid step into a virtual world. There, they’ll learn about math, social studies, science, and language arts. Using a custom avatar, they’ll be able to interact with other students and go on quests while they explore this immersive imaginary world.

For more eLearning ideas, consider watching documentaries and historical films with your kids to expand their knowledge.

Have Fun with Interactive Shows, Games & more Taught By Your Child’s Favorite Characters by subscribing to Noggin. Noggin features preschool learning games, full episodes, books, and activities led by kids’ favorite characters.

3. Keep Track of Assignments

One of the challenges of online learning for kids is keeping up with the ever-changing schedule. A magnetic dry erase calendar board can be easily hung up in your living room or office, so you and your child will know when classes are being held and when assignments are due.

Also, continue to educate yourself on ways to keep your kids focused while learning from home. If you need to chat with an expert in this field or for anything related to your kids, organization, etc., consider exploring JustAnswer, a platform with thousands of experts from different fields waiting to chat with you about any question you might have.

4. Avoid Distractions

Whether it’s the TV or a needy pet, online learning kids face many distractions while studying at home. Blocking out any unwanted distractions is a must for staying focused on schoolwork, which is why you should purchase this privacy desk shield. They’ll keep their eyes on their work while also reading the adorable encouraging messages printed on the shield itself.

Prolonged exposure to blue light can lead to eyestrain, headaches, and can negatively affect your sleep. Wear blue light glasses when looking at screens, available at EyeBuyDirect!

5. Play with ABCmouse

If you’re going to let your child play on your phone, help them with their online learning using the ABCmouse app. With over 10,000 different educational games and activities, ABCmouse builds on skills for reading, math, science, and the arts. It’s ideal for kids aged 2 to 8, and you can keep tabs on their progress using the online progress tracker.

6. Stay Organized

A storage caddy for pens, pencils, crayons, and other school supplies is a great way to keep your child’s workspace clean and clutter-free. You can keep it on their desk or in a designated supply corner. This way, they’ll always have access to any items they need to help them with their online learning.

7. Listen and Connect with Classmates

One of the most important products when it comes to online learning for kids is a durable set of headphones from Best Buy. Whether they’re participating in online classes, listening to their favorite education podcasts, or playing instructional video games, they’ll need headphones to concentrate and block out household noise that could distract them while they’re hard at work.

Mint Mobile offers premium wireless service on the nation’s largest 5G network, and you can choose the monthly data amount that’s right for you with a wide range of customer offer plans.

You should definitely check out Gabb Wireless. They offer phones for kids that are free from time-wasters and don’t demand hours of kids’ time. Gabb Phones free kids up to spend more time on developing skills and hobbies so they can do more cool stuff.

8. Keep Them on Schedule

As kids get older, they should practice their time management skills, especially when it comes to online learning. By completing tasks in a specified time frame, kids will be able to maintain better focus on the work at hand. This cube timer is simple to use and is an excellent alternative to many boring school timers on the market. You can have them work for 30 minutes straight before giving them a short break to relax.

Another great way to help them stick to a schedule is through maintaining a healthy sleep schedule. Whether it’s nap time or bedtime, Hatch Rest+ is a great product for your child’s health.Help your children wind down and get a good night’s sleep by creating a calming environment with relaxing sounds, a customizable nightlight, and a soft wake-up light.

9. Create a Dedicated Work Space for Online Learning

Online learning can generate a lot of digital schoolwork, which can quickly clutter the family computer. Instead, consider providing an external hard drive from Target to help your kids organize their files by school year, class, and semester. This will keep everything in one place and make it easier for them to stay organized.

10. Encourage them to Take Breaks and Enjoy Free Time

It’s important for kids to take regular breaks from online learning and have some fun to help refresh their minds. Whether it’s doing a creative activity like painting, spending time outdoors with a jump rope, or playing indoor games, it’s essential to allow them time to unwind and relax. QVC offers a variety of educational activities and games for kids, making it a great place to find engaging activities for your children.

Teaching your kids at home might seem overwhelming, but with the right tools and products, it can be just as effective as traditional learning methods. By creating an environment that supports efficient online learning, your children will be well on their way to academic success in no time!

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