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Top Ideas to Fill Christmas Eve Box for Toddlers and Kids

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Top Ideas to Fill Christmas Eve Box for Toddlers and Kids

Celebrating the holiday season with our little ones is a delightful experience for parents. It allows us to carry forward cherished traditions and create new ones with our families. Some families are adding more excitement to the festive season by introducing an Elf on the Shelf to their kids or preparing Christmas Eve boxes for them.

Christmas Eve boxes, inspired by the German tradition of giving gifts on December 24, have gained popularity on platforms like Pinterest. Despite appearing as an additional task during the busy holiday season, the beauty of the Christmas Eve box lies in its potential to become a simple yet treasured family custom.

If you’re thinking of assembling gifts for your kids on December 24 and wondering “what to include in a Christmas Eve box?” we’ve got you covered! Here are 10 gift ideas for toddlers and kids to place in a Christmas Eve box, along with some personalized crates that can be reused every year.

Christmas Eve Box Ideas

1. Adorable and Festive Attire

Begin with something lively and festive that they can flaunt on Christmas Day. Carter’s holiday clothing for kids is cute and budget-friendly, making them a perfect addition to any Christmas Eve box.

Elf in Disguise Graphic Tee

Surprise your little elf with the perfect shirt to wear during the holiday season as they immerse themselves in the festive vibe.
Sizes: 2T – 5T

Minnie Mouse Christmas Pullover

This snug pullover featuring Minnie Mouse will set the mood for a joyful Christmas celebration with family and friends.
Sizes: 2T – 5T

2. Storybooks

While Christmas Eve is usually reserved for snuggling up to watch a holiday movie, there’s always time for a good read before bedtime. Whether you opt for a holiday-themed book or one that you know they’ll adore, books are always a great choice.

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

This timeless Christmas tale receives a modern update with vibrant and cheerful illustrations that will look delightful on a bookshelf and make for an enjoyable read with kids.

Kid Christmas: Of the Claus Brothers Toy Store

This charming tale explains the origins of Santa and how he became the beloved figure kids worldwide know and love today. It will amaze children as they learn how it all began.

3. Festive Nightwear

Spend Christmas Eve in a cozy pair of pyjamas. Including a very special festive pair in their Christmas Eve box is guaranteed to be a hit with your little one. Extra points if the whole family dons matching holiday pyjamas!

Fair Isle Two-Piece Pyjama Set

Dress your little one in this lovely set that’s perfect for them to wear on Christmas morning.
Sizes: 2T – 5T

Letters to Santa Pyjamas

Get into the festive spirit with these charming printed pyjamas featuring letters to Santa.
Sizes: Newborn – Adult sizes

4. Indoor Footwear

The holidays are all about staying cozy, and what better way to do that than with a new pair of slippers. Choose a set featuring Christmas colors or seasonal critters like reindeer to go all out, or opt for a more neutral option that they can wear all year round.

Toddler Sherpa Reindeer Slippers

These reindeer-shaped slippers are simply adorable.
Sizes: 5T – 12T, plus a similar style available in kids’ sizes

Toddler Gripper Slipper

These comfortable and versatile slippers can be worn throughout the year.
Sizes: 5T – 10T, plus baby booties and youth slippers also available

5. Christmas Decorations

Add extra significance to the box by including a new ornament that the kids can hang on the tree. Select one that features their favorite characters (like Bluey!) or opt for a more classic-style ornament that they’ll always cherish.

Etsy | Rustic Ornaments Gifts
Bluey Personalized Bauble

Attention all enthusiasts of Bluey! This wooden bauble is charming and durable, and can be personalized with your child’s name and the year.

Etsy | Creative Feel
Personalized Hand-Decorated Bauble

These custom hand-decorated baubles can be personalized with your child’s name in exquisite script handwriting.

Your child’s name can be personalized on the baubles in beautiful script handwriting.

Stockings are not just a practical and economical addition to a Christmas Eve box but also bring a festive touch to any holiday PJ set or ensemble.

A delightful treat such as candy canes, old-fashioned candy toys like Pez dispensers, or a winter-themed hot cocoa bomb is certain to enchant any child receiving their Christmas Eve box.

Interactive games or puzzles encourage a family game night on Christmas Eve and foster unity. Inspire family bonding by presenting them with one of their favorite games or something new.

You can never go wrong with gifting a coloring book and crayons. Kids adore them and they’re fantastic to have on hand for keeping little ones occupied while you prepare for Christmas Day. Alternatively, instead of purchasing a coloring book, simply print a few of The Everymom’s holiday coloring pages to include in the box!

Christmas Coloring Book for Kids

This book comprises 40 enjoyable coloring pages with scenes that feature Christmas trees, Santas, penguins, gingerbread houses, and more!

Have a very Bluey Christmas with this large book of coloring pages filled with their favorite pups.

10. Personalized Christmas Eve Boxes

Elevate your child’s Christmas Eve box by ordering a customized crate adorned with your youngster’s name. This is a great option to consider if you intend to establish Christmas Eve boxes as an annual tradition!

Etsy | A Little Beautiful Mess
Christmas Eve Crate

This customized crate is spacious enough to accommodate any and all Christmas Eve presents.

Etsy | Godsoe Engravings
Personalized Christmas Eve Crate

Make your child feel like they’re receiving a special delivery directly from the North Pole with this charming personalized crate.

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