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2000s Fashion Is Back With Iconic Y2K Makeup Trends

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2000s Fashion Is Back With Iconic Y2K Makeup Trends

The trend of the 2000s is making a huge comeback this year. Styles from the 90s affected many Y2K makeup trends. This new millennium, in turn, brought forth brighter, more glamorous, and sexier looks for our wardrobes.

If you grew up with Y2K fashion and makeup trends, then you’ll be thrilled to see these trends re-emerge. We all have probably kept a few favorite pieces hoping that the Gossip Girl look would come back in style!

Many fashion designers are introducing new styles that merge modern elements with the 2000s style. Here are a few iconic trends from the 2000s that we’ll likely see this year!

Colorful Eyeshadow
The clothes you wear are not the only thing you can bring back from Y2K. Using quality beauty and skincare products can revitalize your skin and help you achieve that glow. WinkyLux offers a variety of skincare treatments, lip gloss, balms, eyeliners, mascaras, and primers.

Brightly-colored eyeshadow was one of the major makeup trends of the decade. From pastel pinks to bold blue eyeshadow, Y2K makeup eyeshadow palettes can add a pop of vibrant color to any outfit.

Thin Eyebrows
Another iconic look from the 2000s is the thin eyebrow. You don’t have to go to extreme measures like shaving off your brows to achieve this look. You can shape your current brows and use brow pencils to fill them in.

Icy Pink Lip Gloss
Do you remember the icy pink lip gloss everyone wore back in the day? You can recreate this look with Winky Lux’s Glossy Boss lip gloss from Target.

Patchwork Denim
This eye-catching fashion trend was widespread in the early 2000s. Patchwork dresses, jackets, and jeans are making a comeback thanks to their unique, playful look.

Hair Clips
Butterfly clips come in a range of colors and are making a huge comeback this year!

Glitter Nail Polish
Sparkly nail polish is another trend making a comeback this year. Whether metallic or colored, glittery nail polish from Nordstrom is a favorite style.

Midriff-Baring Outfits
Y2K style was daring and sexy. Midriff-baring outfits were everywhere! Cropped tank tops and low-rise jeans were popular ways to show off curves.

Strappy Sandals
The strappy sandal can be worn with practically any outfit and is a must-have Y2K fashion and makeup accessory.

The 2000s left a significant mark on fashion history, and it’s exciting to see many 2000s fashion and Y2K makeup trends making a comeback. For more fashion-forward inspiration, check out some of the favorite spring dresses and must-have outfits and accessories for 2022.“`html
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