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30+ Positive Affirmations For Kids

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30+ Positive Affirmations For Kids

Being a parent is not easy—that’s undebatable. But, we don’t often consider how tough it is to be a kid. Being young and having to figure out an entire world is a daunting task. With all of their quirks and particularities, children are pretty much just doing the best they can in a society they are just learning about. They look to us for answers and reasons, but also for encouragement and guidance. With that in mind, we’re sharing more than 30 positive affirmations for kids to keep in your parenting tool bag, for a simple way to let them know that you think they are truly as amazing as they are.

30+ Positive Affirmations for Kids

1. I’m So Proud of You

Sometimes the most simple affirmations for kids are the best ones. Saying “I’m so proud of you” can mean so much to your little one’s ears and heart. They need to know that, regardless of whether you’re dealing with tears or tantrums or laughs or cuddles, you’ve always got their back.

2. You’re So Thoughtful

This is what I tell my boys even after the smallest of kind gestures—if they keep hearing how kind and considerate and compassionate they are, I know they’ll grow to be even more mindful of their actions and how they can affect others.

3. You Have Great Ideas

Remember when you were a kid and you came up with those nutty ideas that really had no foundation in reality? How did the people around you respond? One of the best things about children is that their imaginations have no limits, and that’s really a skill you want to encourage.

4. You Are Such Kind Friend

Relationships mean a lot to us all, and that value starts to develop at a very young age. By encouraging your child to be proud of who they are as a friend when they do something thoughtful, chances are they will continue to seek out ways they can be considerate of their friends.

5. I’m Always Inspired By How Creative You Are

Kids are forever brimming with novel ways of seeing and interacting with their worlds. The idea of creativity isn’t even necessarily something they really think about as a concept, it’s just something that they do naturally. By overtly acquainting them with their creativity, hopefully it will be a reminder that they can hone it down the line if their creative juices aren’t flowing as organically as they’re used to.

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