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Giovanna Fletcher Unveils Latest Regatta Collection for 2024

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Giovanna Fletcher Unveils Latest Regatta Collection for 2024

Upon stumbling upon Giovanna Fletcher’s fresh Regatta line, our enthusiasm knew no bounds. This assortment, much like her preceding three, stands as a requisite for contemporary mothers. It flawlessly merges style with practicality in a manner that mainstream fashion often falls short.

Consisting of seven chic outerwear pieces, Giovanna has meticulously covered all bases. Have you outgrown your cherished pregnancy coat? Look no further than the Nerenda lengthy jacket—comfortable, pragmatic, and knee-length. Hunting for a light jacket for a casual outing with pals? Opt for the lively pink Bayletta jacket. Embarking on a family stroll? Our hearts skip a beat for the countryside-chic encapsulated in the Courcelle Quilted Jacket.

We could continue singing praises ceaselessly, but instead, we present the complete new array below. Eagerly anticipating securing our very own pieces and supplying you with our personal evaluations. Thus, consider this your cue to bid adieu to that worn-out school run coat and opt for one of these stunning jackets tailored for the sunnier seasons—hurry though, currently available at an enticing offer.

Prime selection

Price: £49.95 (RRP: £100)

We adore this extended waterproof jacket—a true treasure for any bustling mother. Its sealed seams assure absolute waterproof shield, perfect for the capricious British climate. Moreover, unlike conventional waterproof jackets, this one employs breathable fabric, ensuring you remain cool and at ease while tending to your little darlings.

Best Giovanna Fletcher’s new Regatta collection jacket for vibrant design

Price: £39.95 (RRP: £80)

This vibrant pink jacket is exquisite! Bright jackets are great for lively days out as they make it easier for your family to locate you easily. If pink is not your preference, don’t worry, as it comes in 15 other shades like army green, animal prints, and vivid yellow.

Best Giovanna Fletcher’s new Regatta collection jacket for warmth

Price: £34.95 (RRP: £70)

If you prefer subtle jackets, this courcelle quilted jacket could be the choice for you. Providing additional protection for breezy outings to the park, this quilted jacket features elegant curved hems that elongate the legs and offer a flattering silhouette.

Finest Changing Cloak from Giovanna Fletcher’s latest Regatta assortment

Price: £83.95 (RRP: £120)

You may have observeddry garments throughout your most recent shore trip. Embraced by seashore enthusiasts, these garments showcase fast-drying material and a spacious layout. They are ideal for swift attire changes by the coastline and also serve as an excellent option for slipping on during drizzly days. Similar to the remaining assortment, it boasts a vibrant and captivating design that we just can’t get enough of.

Best Giovanna Fletcher’s new Regatta collection jacket for classic design

Cost: £54.95 (Recommended Retail Price: £110)

Motherhood coats have been a fundamental for mothers for a long time. It is a versatile inclusion to any mother’s closet. From the spacious pockets to the additional insulation for warmth, the coat is a wonderful daily jacket and we adore that it is available in both a khaki green and navy blue shade option.

Finest Giovanna Fletcher’s latest Regatta collection jacket for damp weather

Cost: £39.95 (RRP: £80)

Despite our hopes for a scorching summer, we must face reality—this spring has not delivered the anticipated rise in temperature that we had hoped for. Hence, it’s prudent to possess a jacket in your closet that is light yet efficient at repelling rain, ideal for when the climate eventually warms up. We particularly appreciate the contrast between the jacket’s outer design and its darker inner lining.

Giovanna Fletcher’s finest selection of everyday waterproof jackets

Credit: Regatta

Price: £54.95 ( RRP:£110)

This jacket offers a delightful blend of a classic navy exterior design and a whimsical interior print, making it a charming choice. It caters well to moms who typically lean towards more understated fashion options. In addition to its stylish appearance, this waterproof jacket is perfect for a leisurely walk on a cloudy day.

Who is Giovanna Fletcher?

Giovanna Fletcher embodies the concept of a fabulous mom. She’s a bestselling writer, performer, and podcaster, and she’s written for Mother&Baby, all while caring for her three amazing boys alongside her partner, Tom Fletcher, the frontman of McFly.

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