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4 Need-to-Know Types Of Remote Job Recruiter Positions

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4 Need-to-Know Types Of Remote Job Recruiter Positions

## 4 Need-to-Know Types Of Remote Job Recruiter Positions

People who are looking for fulfillment in their jobs might overlook the impact of recruitment jobs. As a job recruiter, you have the opportunity to connect people with their dream positions and provide employers with the talent they need to grow their company.

### Types of Remote Job Recruiter Positions
ZipRecruiter can help you become a job recruiter. However, before applying for recruitment jobs, you need to know what types of positions are available to you. It is important to choose a position that best matches your skills and passions.

Here are the different types of job recruiter positions.

### 1. Headhunters
While ZipRecruiter is not a headhunter site, it matches employers to employees and is the top job hunting site in the United States. If you want to become a headhunter, you will end up looking for talent for companies. You will review job descriptions from employers and then look for potential candidates. Additionally, you may try to get people who aren’t looking for a job to apply to their clients’ job postings. Headhunters usually get paid when the candidate gets hired.

### 2. A Contingency Job Recruiter
As a contingency job recruiter, you will get paid every time an employer hires someone you refer to them. The payment may depend on the salary of the person who gets hired. Contingency job recruiters often work at recruitment agencies that collect fees from clients after finding a good fit for the position.

### 3. Retained Job Recruiters
Retained job recruiters work with recruitment agencies that require an upfront payment. Their work is very similar to contingency job recruiters.

### 4. Corporate Recruiters
Recruiters also work within HR departments of companies. They review open positions at the company, look for employees, interview candidates, extend job offers, and participate in salary negotiations. Corporate recruiters also keep records of all new hires.

### How to Become a Job Recruiter
Before you apply for recruitment jobs, you should increase your chances of getting them by taking the necessary steps to become a recruiter. A job recruiter usually has a bachelor’s degree in fields such as business administration, human resources, psychology, communication, or sociology.

To stand out, you could also get an internship with a human resources department and build your network.

### Ready to Become a Recruiter?
If you think you’d make a great job recruiter, ZipRecruiter can set you up with the right position. Once you’ve created your profile, you’ll start getting matched with the best recruitment jobs. ZipRecruiter will show you how well the job’s requirements match your skills and experience. ZipRecruiter also allows employers to invite you to apply to positions. If you respond to these invites, you’ll be 3 times as likely to get the job!Apologies, but it appears that the text you have provided is not a standard article that can be paraphrased. It seems to be a snippet of complex code in HTML format. If you have an article or text you would like to be paraphrased, please provide it so I can assist you better.

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