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How To Supercharge Your Email List For Successful Marketing

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How To Supercharge Your Email List For Successful Marketing

Are you wishing to expand your business from a small brand to a larger one? Do you want to enhance your circle of influence and encourage people to make more purchases? If so, you need to understand how to grow your email list with Constant Contact.

Many successful digital marketing strategies involve the use of email campaigns. When you use email to market your business, you give yourself the opportunity to stay in touch with existing and potential clients. Your contacts also have the ability to learn about discounts or other exciting developments at your company!

How to Grow Your Email List for Successful Marketing

But before you start sending emails, you need to learn how to grow your email list of contacts in the most efficient way. We’ll show you how to do that below. Then, we’ll get into how you can create a successful email campaign of your own (learn how to find employees who can help you send emails).

1. Allow People to Sign Up on Your Homepage

how to grow your email list

People won’t sign up for your email list if you don’t have it advertised well. One of the best ways to make sure people know you have an email list is to allow people to sign up for it on your homepage.

For the best results, dedicate a prominent section of your homepage to collecting email addresses. Include a short and engaging call to action, such as “Subscribe to our email list!”

2. Get People’s Email Addresses Before They Click Away

how to grow your email list

Now, you don’t have to just rely on sections of your homepage to gather email lists. Instead, you should consider using a pop-up to capture the attention of your website visitors. Some business owners choose to use pop-ups as soon as their visitors enter the website.

Others program the website to produce a pop-up when a user’s mouse hovers over another tab or the exit button. Both options give you the chance to collect email addresses before they click away.

Why is this a great way to learn how to grow your email list? Even people who aren’t willing to make a purchase today might be interested in receiving your updates. If you can get their contact information, you can send them emails about discounts or other deals. This might motivate them to buy from you (here’s how to make money in the meantime).

Some companies also use automated emails to remind people of items left un-purchased in their carts.

3. Allow People to Forward Your Emails

how to grow your email list

When you send emails, they should always contain a feature that allows recipients to forward your messages to their friends. After all, if they do this, you’ll get free exposure to a new potential client. This new person might then also sign up for your email list!

How Do You Create Great Email Campaigns?

Now that you know how to grow your email list, you should think about launching or improving your email campaigns. Great email campaigns come down to a few key features:

  • Engaging email content
  • Great templates
  • Fantastic calls to action

1. Crafting Engaging Content

how to grow your email list

After learning how to grow your email list, you should then think about what you want to send your audience. Some common types of messages include:

  • A welcome series (these campaigns provide new subscribers with an introduction to the company)
  • Discounts and sales
  • Company updates
  • Newsletters

No matter what you send, you need to keep your content engaging. You can do this by figuring out what your clients want to know and then writing about it. Your tone should match your brand’s overall style, helping you build a positive relationship with your clients.

If you want to hire people to help you create content, learn about the best place to post job openings.

2. Use Great Templates

how to grow your email list - stationery desktop website builder template

If you use a professional template, you’re more likely to engage your clients. Without professional templates, your clients may assume you’re not professional.

Worse, if it’s not apparent that the email came from your company, your clients may disregard it as spam. But how do you use great templates? Constant Contact gives you access to hundreds of templates for your email list. All you have to do is choose one, customize it, and compose your message!

3. Implement Calls to Action

how to grow your email list- stationery desktop website builder

Want to get the most out of your emails? You shouldn’t just learn how to grow email list contacts and send emails that don’t ask anything of the recipients.

So, you should place calls to action throughout your message. Include buttons that link to landing pages on which your clients can take the desired action. If you compose your text in an engaging manner, you’ll see better results!

Ready to Improve Your Email Marketing?

Now that you’ve learned how to grow your email list and build effective campaigns, you need a platform that will make everything easy for you.

That’s where Constant Contact comes in. Constant Contact offers an all-in-one solution to email campaigns. When you sign up, you’ll be able to grow your contact lists and take full advantage of Constant Contact’s professional templates. The easy-to-use email editor drives better open and click-through rates, helping your company blossom.

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