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7 Essential Tips For Parents Returning To Work After A Career Break

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7 Essential Tips For Parents Returning To Work After A Career Break

Returning to work after taking a break can be bittersweet for many parents. It can be challenging to leave your children with someone else while you go back to work, but it can also be fulfilling to pursue your passions outside of being a partner and a parent. Here are seven tips to help make this transition smoother for you and your family:

Tips for Returning to Work After a Career Pause

1. Make a plan for the division of domestic labor

Create a plan for how household tasks will be managed now that you’re returning to work. Communicate with your partner about sharing responsibilities and consider outsourcing tasks if needed.

2. Expect the unexpected

Be prepared for surprises and plan for sick days or other unplanned events. Understand your workplace benefits and policies to handle unexpected situations.

3. Lean on your village and simplify

Reach out to your support network for help and find ways to simplify your routine. Consider swapping childcare or simplifying meals to reduce stress.

4. Consider a mindset shift

Shift your mindset to appreciate the opportunities that come with returning to work. Find joy in pursuing your career alongside your family responsibilities.

5. Set realistic expectations

Set realistic expectations for your work and understand that no job is perfect. Look for a company that values your skills and provides support for working parents.

6. Check in with your partner along the way

Stay connected with your partner throughout the transition. Take a few minutes each day to communicate and support each other.

7. Don’t discount the work you’ve been doing

Recognize the value of your work as a parent and don’t underestimate your skills and strengths. You have a lot to offer in the workplace.

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