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A Guide For Job Hiring For Older Workers!

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A Guide For Job Hiring For Older Workers!

Are you looking to find jobs hiring people over 50? If you’re looking to change jobs or enter the workforce, you might worry about finding jobs hiring 50 year old women and older. There are industries that focus more on hiring younger people, but there are still opportunities available for older workers. Employers cannot legally discriminate against job candidates based on age, and there are even industries that routinely hire people over 50.

Are There Any Jobs Hiring Older Workers?

If you want to find out more about these jobs, keep reading! We’ll list a few jobs that almost always hire 50 year old women and older!


As the #1 job site in the United States, ZipRecruiter connects women of all ages to careers they’ll love. When you create a free profile, the platform will look at your skills and experience and match you with jobs you’re qualified to take.

Nursing is one of the most in-demand jobs on ZipRecruiter at the moment. The average nurse is 52 years old, and they work in a wide variety of settings, including clinics and hospitals. Some nurses even travel, taking their work to places in need. To become a nurse, you must undergo a nursing program. You’ll go through residency and take your state’s licensure exam. For more information on your state’s licensure requirements, visit this site.

Many people consider nursing a rewarding career. When you become a nurse, you’ll have the ability to care for people in need while being there for families and providing basic care. In fact, many people attribute good hospital experiences to expert nursing care.

Need a work-from-home job? Learn about nursing from home!

Mental Health Therapist

The counseling profession welcomes people of all ages into the field. In fact, some of the best therapists are women over the age of 50! When you work as a mental health therapist, you’ll meet people from all walks of life. You’ll help them identify their goals and work through their problems using scientifically-backed methods.

A good therapist has the ability to prioritize the needs and values of the client and work with them to achieve a healthier version of themselves. Therapists should be open-minded and willing to work with clients who are very different from themselves.

A career in counseling is perfect for people who like listening to others with empathy and helping them navigate their mental health challenges. They should also have a passion for implementing therapeutic theories and creating personalized treatment plans for clients.

To become a therapist, you need to complete a post-graduate degree in mental health counseling. After graduation, you’ll need to undergo a specific number of hours of supervised work (the requirements differ by state). Then, you’ll take your state’s licensure exam.

As you’re training to become a therapist, you should learn more about how to take care of yourself. Check out these fun hobbies you can do when you’re going through stress!


Don’t want to go back to school to find jobs hiring people over 50? Think about becoming a professional writer!

Many people assume that professional writers have to have a ton of writing experience under their belt to get a job. In truth, many people start out with only the ability to put sentences together in effective ways.

So, if you know you’re a good writer, a writing career might be great for you. Almost every business needs a writer on their team so they can have effective, engaging copy. If they don’t, they may not reach their clients. Here are some different types of writing:

  • Technical writing: These professionals turn technical concepts into understandable content.
  • Content writing: Writers who do content writing compose blog articles and other kinds of website content.
  • Marketing or fundraising writing: If you do this type of writing, you’ll work on ads for the company.

A good percentage of the jobs hiring writers feature flexible hours. So, it’s perfect for 50 year old women and above who need flexible scheduling.

Find Jobs Hiring People Like You!

Are you ready to start finding jobs hiring people like you?

ZipRecruiter’s job search function can help you locate positions that want to hire 50 year old women and older. Once you’ve uploaded your resume, ZipRecruiter will start showing your profile to employers. That way, they can review your skills and invite you to apply if you fit their requirements.

Filling out applications through ZipRecruiter may even triple your chances of getting the job and further increase your chances of finding the job you want! Create your free account now and get started!

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