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Highly Sought Travel Jobs and How to Find Them

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Highly Sought Travel Jobs and How to Find Them

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Suppose you have a passion for traveling and are looking for ways to make a living while on the road. In that case, there are several travel jobs that can make your dream come true.

Although the pandemic temporarily shattered travel, it also made people reconsider how and where they want to work. So, whether you’re on the hunt for flexible work schedules or are looking to travel outside your 9-5, there’s something for everyone.

Highly Sought Travel Jobs and How to Find Them

In this guide, we’ll explore different travel jobs to help you find the right one for your needs. But first, make sure to use a top job search site like ZipRecruiter. Browse travel work opportunities within your reach and create alerts to receive job ads in your inbox.

There are essentially 4 categories of travel job opportunities:

  • Digital nomads – they can work from anywhere as long as they have a laptop with an internet connection. Digital nomads engage in remote positions and choose to travel while working instead of staying in a fixed location. Remote travel jobs can range anywhere from digital marketers to translators.
  • Backpacking jobs – they usually require physical labor in exchange for meals and accommodation. Typical backpacking travel jobs are hotel workers, farmers, tutors, and vendors. These jobs don’t require a degree or even a work permit; that’s why it’s relatively easy to land them.
  • Expats – they address highly skilled professionals and allow them to live and work from abroad for months or even years. For example, government workers, teachers, and travel nurses are common expats.
  • Travel industry jobs – touristic facilities such as hotels, restaurants, and bars often hire people to assist them during high season. For example, travel agents, tourism board workers, or hotel marketing personnel fall under this category.

Travel Jobs

Let’s review some of the most in-demand travel jobs for 2022:

1. Virtual Assistant

travel jobs

With the rise of digital media in recent years, companies are looking to outsource tasks to freelance assistants instead of full-time employees. Being a virtual assistant offers flexibility, variety, and an outstanding work-life balance. Virtual assistants provide individuals or businesses with administrative, operational, and technical services. Their tasks might range from bookkeeping to social media management. 

No prior experience is necessary for a virtual assistant position. As long as you have an excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office and stellar communication skills, you can make a career out of it. Virtual assistants usually get paid by the hour, while others charge per completed task. You can easily find positions through a job website like ZipRecruiter and start traveling while serving clients on the go.

2. English Teacher

travel jobs

There’s always an extensive market for English-speaking tutors who can teach the language to others. As a result, you can offer your services online as a digital nomad. Alternatively, you can get hired in ex-pat jobs that pay you to live and teach temporarily in another country. Specifically, Japan, Southeast Asia, and South America are always abundant in English teaching opportunities.

As you gain more experience, make sure you receive benefits such as free housing, flight tickets, or even travel stipends. Naturally, you’ll need to be a native speaker with at least some prior experience to be a sufficient English teacher. However, you can always learn things on the go.

3. Tour Guide

travel jobs

Becoming a tour guide is an excellent chance to travel and meet new people while also earning an income. You can start slow, get your feet wet with some initial free walking tours, and rely on tips for your first compensation. Then, once you get the hang of popular destinations, culture, and history, you can start offering paid tours.

In addition, you can create Airbnb experiences and lead your own gigs. It could be history tours, photo walks, or food tours. Slowly but steadily, you’ll be making a brand of your own and have tons of pent-up demand.

4. Hotel Worker

travel jobs


Hotel professionals don’t require any degrees and are easy to find. If you’re interested in providing top-notch service and you’re good with people, this is a perfect match. Through these opportunities, you’ll be shaped into a well-rounded international professional. Additionally, you can quickly climb the hierarchy ladder and move to managerial positions within months. 

5. Travel Blogger

travel jobs

Travel bloggers are considered among the location-independent digital nomads. They essentially focus on writing about their travel adventures along with valuable insights for potential visitors. Several skills like copywriting, SEO, and social media management are necessary to become a travel blogger. However, you can always start from scratch and work your way into the profession.

6. Travel Nurse

travel jobs

Travel nurses move to different hospitals around the country to tend to patients. They’re essentially bouncing from one temporary position to the next based on where they’re needed most. Usually, their accommodation, travel expenses, and benefits are covered. 

Of course, you’ll need the necessary credentials before embarking on this journey. But, if you’re in the healthcare industry, this is a stellar opportunity to start working while exploring the world. Finally, the travel nurse salary has significant potential, and with all other expenses covered, it can be used for more travel adventures. 

Find Travel Jobs With ZipRecruiter

Earning a living while traveling is no longer a fantasy. First, you need to decide if you want a job that involves travel or a job that affords you more travel. Then, you can start your salary research on job websites like ZipRecruiter and access millions of travel jobs worldwide. Start browsing today, and get your travel shoes ready! 

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