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Easy Five-Step Guide to Refreshing Your Closet

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Easy Five-Step Guide to Refreshing Your Closet

I adore a thorough wardrobe update—the inner organizational enthusiast in me always looks to revamp and renew my closet every few months. Now, I understand this may not be the norm, but I’ve devised a method to accomplish this task swiftly. Let’s consider it my efficient approach to updating the closet, ideal for busy moms. As the seasons transition, there’s no better moment than now to breathe new life into your wardrobe.

Take it from me: managing a four-year-old and a seven-month-old at home, walking into my closet never fails to bring a smile to my face. Not because it’s vast (actually quite the opposite), but because it’s meticulously organized, not overwhelming, and every item has its place. And the best part? It didn’t consume an excessive amount of my time. I tackled the heavy lifting during one weekend while both kids were napping (which, honestly, felt like a triumph in itself), and now, the upkeep feels like a form of daily self-pampering that I cherish.

Embrace my five-step formula for a more streamlined closet, and in my view, a more delightful process of selecting your outfits each morning. But before all else, remember this: Every garment you wear should evoke a positive feeling within you. It’s truly that simple. Marie Kondo is onto something— if an item doesn’t spark joy, bid it farewell. Of course, exceptions apply to your most comfortable sweatpants, cozy pajamas, or that favorite well-worn college tee. Let’s not go overboard. Keep reading for my tips on spring-cleaning your wardrobe this season, approved by a busy mom.

Guidelines for Refreshing Your Wardrobe

Step 1: Commence from one end

Avoid the scattershot method and instead, initiate from one side and gradually progress to the other. Life is busy—you might not finish everything in one go, but make steady progress between breaks, work commitments, and other responsibilities. Don’t be too hard on yourself; commit to completing the task. Remember to take the time to pull out items and try them on.

Step 2: Pose the challenging queries

  • Does this truly suit me? Not the future version of myself, definitely not the past self, but the me in the present moment? If the answer is negative, bid it adieu. Few things can derail your day like struggling with ill-fitting, uncomfortable attire. I empathize—post-pregnancy weight is a reality, so I stashed away my pre-baby clothes until I was ready to reintegrate them. This way, my closet remained tailored to my body shape and weight at that time. Once I was prepared, I reintroduced them and stored away the post-baby clothes.
  • What’s the condition like? Are there tears, armpit stains, or worn-out elbows detracting from its appearance? If a minor repair won’t suffice, let it go. It’s just occupying valuable physical (and mental) space.
  • Have I worn this item in the past six months (considering the weather)? If not, it might be time to ponder letting it go. While items can sometimes get buried, ensure that it genuinely brings you joy when worn.

Step 3: Classify

Roughly segregate your wardrobe by item type: group sweaters together, dresses together, pants and skirts together. Establish sections in your closet—no matter how small—and stick to them. Reflect on the arrangement of your favorite retail stores. The way items are displayed serves a purpose, and replicating this in your own closet is simple enough.

For those ambitious individuals, take a step further by organizing your sections by color. Not only does this facilitate exploring various outfit combinations, but it also enhances the visual appeal of your closet.

Step 4: Allocate space for your belongings

I swear by the rule of “everything in its place,” which can make shopping your closet a more delightful experience. If there’s one thing I gleaned from Marie Kondo, it’s the importance of creating space. Visit your preferred organization store and discover solutions to optimize your space. Personally, I utilized shoeboxes and small plastic bins to create designated areas for belts, clutches, scarves, and other miscellaneous closet items.

Step 5: Enhance aesthetic appeal

Having completed all the necessary tasks, you’re now approaching the finish line! Treat yourself to elegant hangers, clear organizers, or a sophisticated shoe rack. Perhaps consider installing a jewelry organizer. Whatever brings you joy and elevates your closet’s ambience even slightly, go for it. You’d be surprised by the transformation you can achieve with minimal effort.

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To streamline the process of getting dressed in the morning, my recommendation is simple: spend five minutes planning your outfit the night before. This small preparation can greatly impact your mornings. With your outfit already decided, you can use those extra minutes in the morning for a longer shower. It’s a worthwhile investment.

Thanks to my well-organized closet and some daily routines I adhere to, the morning chaos is much more manageable as we all start our days. It may not be flawless, but you’ll certainly feel more at ease while dressing in the mornings. I assure you of that.

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