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Elegant ‘60s Vintage Makeup Look Ideas


Elegant ‘60s Vintage Makeup Look Ideas

# Elegant ‘60s Vintage Makeup Look Ideas

We love a throwback beauty moment, and now it’s time for the ’60s to shine. Cat-eye makeup, bouffants, and Twiggy-inspired lashes have flooded red carpets, fashion shows, and magazine covers, and to be honest, we aren’t mad — especially after the ‘60s-inspired neon lips and colored mascara.

The white eyeliner is another hot trend right now. It makes a perfect addition to 60s makeup looks. Whether you want to cut the crease or draw dramatic bottom lashes, the white liner can do just as good a job as your go-to black one.

We’re in jest of course, but there’s no denying the fact that the 60s ushered in some major hair and makeup trends. They’re not going anywhere, so now’s the perfect time to try some on for yourself.

While ‘80s beauty is all about being big and bold — with blush as contour and intense, smudgy eyeliner — the ’60s has the benefit of being equally impactful, but a touch more refined. The 60s was an era of bold, colorful makeup looks that are still popular today. Here are some vintage makeup look ideas from the 60s:

## Twiggy’s Iconic Look
Twiggy was one of the biggest fashion icons of the 60s, and her signature look featured dramatic eye makeup and pale lips. To achieve this look, start with a light foundation, and then apply white eyeliner to your lower lash line and waterline. Apply black mascara to your upper and lower lashes and use a brow pencil to create defined brows.

## Mod Cat Eye
The mod cat eye was a popular look in the 60s and is still popular today. To achieve this look, use a black liquid eyeliner to create a winged eyeliner look that extends out from your outer corner.

## Pastel Eye Shadow
Pastel eye shadow was a popular trend in the 60s. To achieve this look, use shades of pastel colors like blue, pink, and lavender on your eyelids. Keep the rest of your makeup simple and understated.

## Bold Lips
Bold lips were also popular in the 60s, and bright red or coral shades were often worn. Use a matte lipstick in a bright shade and pair it with minimal eye makeup and a light foundation.

## Shimmery Eye Shadow
Shimmery eye shadow was also a trend in the 60s. To achieve this look, use a shimmery eye shadow in shades of gold, silver, or bronze on your eyelids. Pair it with black eyeliner and mascara for a dramatic look.

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