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How to Have a Cheap Wedding Without Compromising Quality

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How to Have a Cheap Wedding Without Compromising Quality

Did you know that an average US wedding costs around $34,000? This puts more than 28% of couples into debt right at the beginning of their shared life. So it’s no surprise that more and more couples wonder how to have a cheap wedding.

You see, organizing an expensive ceremony and holding an even more extravagant party is no solution to setting financial footing. After all, your wedding is all about you and your partner; a celebration of the love you share, rather than a display of wealth. As a result, the more you trim from expenses, the more you’ll have to invest in your life together and perhaps in a thrilling honeymoon.However, a budget-friendly wedding doesn’t necessarily mean less fun. On the contrary, you only need a bit of creativity and our precious tips on cheap wedding ideas to hold a memorable ceremony without breaking the bank. So keep reading as we’re about to unfold the crème de la crème of planning a low-cost wedding.

Budget Wedding Ideas

The wedding is supposed to be one of the best days of your life, so it should not be compromised. But, if that’s a no-no for your credit card, don’t lose hope! Here are some practical tips on saving up for your wedding:

1. Be Prudent About Your Wedding Dress

We know how much you want to stand out on your special day, but this can be achieved with a cheap, pre-loved, or rented wedding dress. Not only will this instantly cut thousands from your budget, but it’ll also be a sustainable way to go about your wedding fashion.Let’s admit it; most brides purchase their dress, and after the ceremony, they simply store and forget about it. So why spend the extra bucks when you can still look lavish with a second-hand or rented dress? After all, most of them come in excellent condition as they’ve been treated with love and care.However, even if you want to purchase something original, you can always go for a budget purchase like this dazzling sequins bridal dress from Etsy, or a more classic choice like this V-neck crepe ballgown from Nordstrom.

2. Save Up on Stationery

Believe it or not, stationery can be a huge part of your wedding budget, especially for larger weddings with many guests. One easy way to save up from sending hundreds of invitations is to get creative with a digital video invite for your guests. This will not only save you lots of bucks but will also be fun and memorable for both you and your guests.Another great way to save on stationery is to purchase a menu board instead of printing hundreds of individual menu cards. For example, take a look at this elegant and minimal menu board from Etsy. Finally, instead of giving each guest individual wish cards, you can opt for a wedding guest book at the venue’s entrance and let them fill it with wishes or even polaroid pictures.

3. Opt for Cheap Wedding Decor

Flowers are the most common wedding decor and usually the most expensive one. If you’re going with fresh flowers like Home Depot’s, you might consider an alternative aesthetic of giving your guests single flowers that’ll serve as decor and smell wonderful. However, if you put your foot down for the lush decorative bouquets, we highly recommend transferring them to your wedding reception as well to avoid the extra costs. Perhaps your guests can help you with that.Another great alternative if storage space is not a problem is going for artificial flowers that match your wedding theme, which significantly drops your decor’s price. Plus, they won’t wither or fade if mistreated. Searching online for DIY wedding decor ideas is also an excellent way to save up and make the experience more personal.

4. Limit Your Guest List

We know you want to have an extensive royal wedding guest list for your special day, but keep in mind that every guest equals expense. So one of our top tips on having a cheap wedding is to go for a small list of people closer to you for a more intimate affair. One way out of extensive guest lists is to hold a bigger ceremony where you’ll invite more people and a smaller reception to celebrate with family and friends.

A Budget Wedding Is Possible!

Hopefully, we’ve answered your question on how to have a cheap wedding without compromising quality. Remember that what truly matters is sharing your love and making this day as exciting as possible. Spending a fortune won’t prove your love or wealth. It will only leave you with an empty bank account and a common life starting with debt. So, opt for our cheap wedding ideas, and you’ll be surprised how stylish and budget-friendly your wedding can be.Still need a summer wedding theme? We have some beautiful ideas for your wedding right here!

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