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“`html Tips For Inviting Coworkers In Wedding Function

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“`html Tips For Inviting Coworkers In Wedding Function

Coworkers. We spend a lot of our day with them! But when it comes to planning your wedding, should you invite all of your coworkers? How do you go about inviting them? Here are some tips for inviting coworkers to wedding celebrations.

How to Go About Inviting Coworkers to Wedding Activities

1. Deciding Who to Invite

When you’re trying to decide about inviting coworkers to wedding celebrations, you may be trying to figure out who will make the cut. If you’re having a smaller wedding, you may not have the space for every single coworker to be there. A good way to decide which coworkers to invite is to think about the coworkers you regularly socialize with and feel close to. Would you still want to hang out with that coworker if you didn’t still work for the company? This can be a good way to figure out who to invite if you are on the fence. Keep in mind, too, that you’ll likely give your coworkers a plus one, so that can quickly increase your number of guests if numbers are a concern.

2. Uninvited Coworkers

Inevitably, there will be some coworkers that you may not invite. Whether that’s due to numbers or clashing personalities, it’s best to have a plan for when the situation comes up. Whatever you decide to do, it’s important to take your uninvited coworkers’ feelings into consideration. We suggest talking with your invited coworkers and explaining to them that you are unable to invite everyone so that they won’t go around talking about it with others. This will help ease tension and make things less awkward for you.

Remember that you are in no way required to invite any coworkers! Your wedding is a big day, and if having coworkers there would make you uncomfortable or you prefer to keep your work and social life separate, that’s totally fine! You want to feel happy and comfortable on your big day.

3. How to Invite Coworkers in a Professional Way

How do you go about inviting coworkers to wedding celebrations professionally? You’ll definitely want to mail their invitation rather than handing it to them in passing or leaving it on their desk. No need for a special wedding invitation for office folks!

Also, for pre-wedding events like bridal showers, we suggest keeping your guests to those that are invited to the wedding itself. Otherwise, it can send the wrong message to coworkers that didn’t receive a formal invitation. They’ll be obligated to give a gift without getting to go to the actual ceremony. Now, if the office itself wants to have its own celebration, that’s perfectly fine and a great way to celebrate together if you aren’t inviting any coworkers.

Once invitations have been sent out, try to keep wedding talks to a minimum at work out of respect for coworkers who aren’t invited. Even though you and your invited coworkers may be excited, you don’t want to hurt others’ feelings.

4. Bosses

You might be inviting coworkers to wedding celebrations, but what about your boss? It really just depends. If you work in a more formal setting, then it’s usually suggested that you invite your boss. Less formal settings give you more freedom. Think about your relationship with your boss. Do you want them there to help you celebrate your big moment?

And if you are a boss or business owner yourself, what do you do about inviting coworkers to wedding celebrations? In this case, you can’t really be selective. We recommend either inviting your whole staff or none at all.

More Wedding Planning Tips

We hope these tips help you when it comes to inviting coworkers to wedding celebrations! Figuring out your guest list is only one part of wedding planning. Along with your guests, there’s so much else to figure out. Once you have the general details planned out, you’ll want to send out save the dates. Then, don’t forget about the small details! Make sure that you don’t forget to get a wedding gift for the mother of the groom. And, after the wedding is over, it’s time to relax! Here are some great ideas for where to go for your honeymoon! Enjoy planning your big day, and congratulations!

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