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Joolz Geo3 | Reviews | Mother & Baby


Joolz Geo3 | Reviews | Mother & Baby

The Joolz Geo3 pushchair is one for the environmentally conscious parents out there that want a pram or pushchair that fits into their busy everyday lives in a stylish way. The pushchair comes with a cot and seat, which can be used from birth to 4 years (up to 22kg). This makes the pushchair a solid investment although it is priced at the higher end at £1,079.

This chic pushchair comes in a range of colours and is made using sustainable fabrics (recycled plastic bottles) and comes in 100 per cent recyclable packaging. It can be used in all seasons with its ventilation, water repellent and UPF 50 fabrics. The large basket which holds up to 15kg, makes it perfect for those quick pop-to-the-shops visits and the large puncture-proof wheels make it easy to navigate across all types of terrains.

Joolz Geo3 overview


  • Stylish design and colours
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good for all seasons – Large hood, ventilation & UPF 50 fabrics
  • Large basket – can hold up to 15kg
  • Easy to steer one-handed
  • Eco-friendly – sustainable fabrics, tree planted for every pushchair sold


  • Instruction manual is not clear as demo videos
  • Cot sheets are sold separately
  • Rain cover is purchased additionally

Testing the Joolz Geo3

I am a second-time mother to a 2-year-old, on maternity leave with my newborn. When looking for a pushchair, I was looking at the ease of which the pushchair could be folded up and down plus the size and weight. I tested the Geo3 by assembling the pushchair myself, considering how easy it was to set up and collapse and using it on trips to appointments, shops and the park.


Packaged in a 100 per cent recycling cardboard box, the components of the pushchair were secure, arriving damage free. This included: the chassis (frame), cot, seat, basket and bumper bar, all of which came already assembled. The only assembly required was placing the wheels on the chassis and expanding the cot to attach to the chassis. The instruction manual contained numbered diagrams; however, it would have been useful to have some text to assist with the location of the components, the steps were referring to. The manual stated the setup of the chassis and cot should take five minutes and in fairness, the chassis was easy to set up.

I did get stuck on the assembling of the cot as the diagram was not clear, however, I was able to find the demo video on the Joolz website which clearly showed the steps. The demonstrator in the video managed to click components in place with ease, whereas I had to use some force. This may be because it was the first time setting up the cot. The cot was simple to attach to the chassis. Detaching the cot can be done with ease with a two-click release and further support of the bumper bar. The seat is also simple to click into place. The seat is also simple to click into place and the pushchair can be folded without detaching the seat, saving time.

Joolz offers a 2-year warranty on all products and a 10-year transferable warranty which can be transferred to other owners. The brand also has a mission statement to plant a tree for every stroller they sell to help fight climate change and deforestation, which can found clearly on the packaging.

There are some fun elements to the packaging including a cut-out template to make a forest animal, which would’ve been a nice activity to do with my toddler though she was more interested in messing around with the box itself.

Design and build

The stylish design of the pushchair was one of the major selling points for me. I loved the choice of colours available and chose sage green. This lighter colour is perfect for the upcoming summer months. In terms of safety, the chassis feels strong which makes the pushchair feel sturdy and secure. There are reflective strips on the wheels, which ensures visibility during any late evening walks and the winter months.

The bumper bar across the cot is particularly useful and provides further support when taking the cot on and off the chassis. The positioning of the cot is higher up on the chassis, which means I didn’t have to bend too far down to check on my baby which my back is thankful for.

The handlebar is extendable which means both my taller husband and I can push at different heights which is useful. The puncture-proof XL wheels are a great feature which makes getting out of the house and curbs with ease.

The 5-point safety harness is good for a wriggly baby or active toddler and puts my mind at ease as my toddler felt secure. The large sun hood covers the baby entirely protecting them from sun rays (UPF 50) and light rain (water resistant). I was pleased to see the rain cover covers the whole carry cot in its entirety, so I would not be worried about being caught out in the rain.

The fabrics are washable which is handy as this pushchair is a light colour and bound to get dirty, especially with a toddler! Another selling point of this pushchair is the ventilation fabric that can be opened during hot weather. We’ve had some very hot days this year and I can verify my baby was comfortable on the breathable mattress and got enough breeze through the ventilation components. It can also be used to check on the baby if the baby is forward facing.

The large basket is a major plus especially when popping to the shops. As most mothers would agree, having both a toddler and newborn means that the amount of things to carry multiplies. Even with a bulky change bag in the basket, I could still fit in a decent amount of shopping.


The Joolz Geo3 can be used across all terrains with its large, puncture-proof wheels. With a newborn, I’ve managed to test the pushchair across, uneven pavements, smooth shop floors, grass and other park surfaces.

When using the pushchair on pavements, the pushchair felt bumpy. My baby didn’t mind this as he generally likes movement and it probably felt like vibrations to him. In comparison, when taking the pushchair to the shops, where the floor is even and flat, the ride felt a lot smoother.

The pushchair was so easy to navigate, without any additional force on those typically trickier surfaces. It feels lightweight to push and easy to manoeuvre one-handed but also heavy enough for my baby to feel safe and secure in the cot.

Once I had unfolded and folded the pushchair a few times after initial assembly, it was easy to use but there are things to remember, for example, to lock the front wheels and put on the brake when collapsing the chassis. This should be done every time to avoid damage to the wheels. The chassis can be taken down with a simple click of two levers on either side and not much effort is required to collapse it.

In terms of transporting and storing, it is not as bulky as other pushchairs I’ve used and is easy to lift and place into a car boot. The cot again can be collapsed flat (by removing the mattress), which makes it easy to transport and doesn’t take up additional boot space.

Collapsing the cot only takes a few steps and doing this is dependent on how much boot space is needed and how often the pushchair will be used.


The cot is a good size and is spacious. The mattress is soft but firm enough not to feel the metal bars underneath. Another positive feature is that if baby does fall asleep in the cot, I can disable it from the chassis in one smooth motion and take the baby inside without too much trouble.

My toddler tends to walk everywhere (or wants to be picked up) so I took her on a solo trip to test the seat. The mono set of the Geo3 only allows either the cot or the seat to be fixed onto the chassis unless you purchase the duo adapters lower seat/bassinet, a separate sun hood and bumper bar as an addition. Similar to the cot, I liked the height so I could see to my toddler without too much bending. It can also be reclined one-handed and the footrest is adjustable so my toddler felt comfortable.

Final verdict

I would not hesitate to recommend this pushchair to family and friends. I like the colour and the stylish design of the pushchair and the cot is perfect for the upcoming summer months with the ventilation, UPF 50 fabrics and sun hood. The cot and seat make both my children feel safe and secure and the positioning on the chassis is a definite selling point, especially for taller parents.

Given that this pushchair can be used up until the age of four, I would say it is good value for money and is comparable to other big brands.


Joolz Geo3 FAQ

What are the dimensions of the Joolz Geo3?

When folded without the seat, the Geo3 is L92 x W57 x H30cm. When folded with the seat, it is L93 x W60 x H47cm.

What is the weight limit for Joolz Geo3?

The pushchair capacity is 22kg.

What colourways are available for the Joolz Geo3?

There are five different colours to choose from (pure grey, urban green, sage green, brilliant black and navy blue) plus a limited edition collaboration with Filling Pieces.


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