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Smart Parenting Tips ℠ | Mastering Grocery Shopping! (Ep.1)


Smart Parenting Tips ℠ | Mastering Grocery Shopping! (Ep.1)

Grocery shopping can be a tough task when you have kids with you. But don’t worry, we’ve got some helpful #MomHacks to make it more manageable. Whether it becomes your new favorite activity is a different story, but these tips will definitely make the experience easier for you. Don’t forget to subscribe (it’s free!) for more tips and videos in this new series. New videos are uploaded every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!

Here are the episodes in this series:

  • Ep. 1 Grocery Shopping
  • Ep. 2 Arts & Crafts
  • Ep. 3 Laundry Edition
  • Ep. 4 The Holidays
  • Ep. 5 Bath Time

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If you’re looking for the supplies mentioned in this video, you can find them through the links below:

  • Pool noodle (for a germ-free shopping cart handlebar)
  • Dental floss (for making a Cheerio necklace for your child)
  • Laundry basket (for easy hauling of groceries)
  • Plastic container (for storing soon-to-be expired products)
  • Binder clips (for organizing frozen food)

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