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The Essential Services and Must-Watch Movies for a Successful Movie-Themed Party


The Essential Services and Must-Watch Movies for a Successful Movie-Themed Party

If you’re throwing a movie-themed event, such as a birthday party, and you’re a movie lover, creating an unforgettable experience is key. To ensure that you and your movie-loving friends have a fantastic time and feel like you’re part of a movie, here are some essential services and must-watch movies to make your party a success.

What Services Do You Need?

  • A top service you might need for your movie-themed party is a professional bartending service. Event Bartenders is a great option as they are equipped to handle any event, with TIPS certifications and rigorous training. They can add a touch of sophistication to your party, ensuring you enjoy your chosen movie even if it turns out to be disappointing. Additionally, they prioritize safety and professional distribution of drinks. So, consider hiring bartenders from Event Bartenders to ensure everyone can enjoy their favorite drink while watching the movie.
  • Another important service to consider is catering. Hiring caterers ensures you have all your favorite movie snacks and food, such as popcorn, ice cream, and slushies. This way, you won’t go hungry while the movie is playing, and you won’t have to interrupt the movie to search for food.
  • If you want to recreate the theatrical experience or if your venue is larger than your home, consider hiring a projector. A projector will ensure that everyone can see the movie properly and exactly as it was intended.
  • Depending on your preference, you may also need venue hire services. Whether you choose an actual movie theater or another party venue, make sure it can accommodate large events. You could even opt for an outdoor venue if you’re hosting the movie-themed party during the summer.

Which Movies Should You Choose?

  • When selecting a movie, it’s wise to go for crowd-pleasers like summer blockbusters such as Jaws and Jurassic Park. However, be cautious with franchise movies, as some guests might not have seen the earlier films if you choose one out of order.
  • You might also consider choosing critically acclaimed and beloved movies. Websites like Rotten Tomatoes can help you find award-winning movies. Some examples of these acclaimed movies include West Side Story, Titanic, Forrest Gump, and La La Land.
  • If you want, you can simply select a personal favorite movie, especially if the party is in your honor or if you haven’t had the chance to see your favorite film in theaters before. This could be a Marvel movie, a Disney or Pixar animation, or some of the most beloved movies in the United States, like Dead Poets Society or classic films such as Citizen Kane, Casablanca, and Top Hat.
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