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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing the Best Leggings For Mothers

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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing the Best Leggings For Mothers

It’s indisputable that an outstanding pair of leggings is perhaps the paramount fashion necessity—especially for busy mothers. The finest leggings for mothers accompany you through all phases of motherhood: from pregnancy to postpartum and from unwinding with your baby on the sofa to running after little ones in the park.

Leggings are an excellent choice for trousers for numerous reasons, but I would contend that the foremost pairings are comfort and adaptability. An agreeable pair of leggings can be utilized for relaxation or day-to-day chores, a supportive pair can help you persevere through the most arduous workouts, and a more stylish pair can be fashioned for everything from the workplace to a romantic evening.

We scoured the internet—and solicited input from our editorial team—for the absolute finest leggings for mothers in every classification. Browse over 40 pairs of our unmissable options.

Laid-back and Everyday Leggings


Align High-Rise Pant

“As someone who didn’t acquire her first pair of lululemon pants until she turned 36, when I received these for Christmas, I immediately yearned to live in them every day.”

Alaina, CEO

10+ colors to choose from
sizes 0 – 20; 3 lengths


Daily Legging

7 colors available
sizes XXS – XXL; 3 lengths

Beyond Yoga

Midi High Waisted Leggings

“These are my go-to, ‘essential for a deserted island’ item. In my opinion, they surpass Aligns or any other leggings and are worth every penny—and perhaps even more than that. They possess the perfect blend of compression and softness that can uphold your workout and be pleasant to unwind in. The fabric is incredibly soft and the high-waisted band doesn’t constrict and genuinely complements without feeling like compression.”

Ally, Chief of Sales

6+ colors available
sizes XXS – 4X

Nordstrom | Zella

Live In Ankle Leggings

2 shades available
sizes XXS – XXL


High-Rise Ribbed Pant

“I see these leggings as an enhanced version of the classic lululemon Aligns. I love that the ribbed texture adds a dash of sophistication to your outfits.”

— Gianna, Commerce Editorial Assistant

5 shades available
sizes 0 – 14; 3 lengths

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