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Top Environmentally-Friendly Hair Brushes For You To Buy This Summer

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Top Environmentally-Friendly Hair Brushes For You To Buy This Summer

Utilizing a timber or sustainable hair brush for your offspring’s tresses can lead to numerous advantages. In contrast to a synthetic hair brush, those made of wood are kinder on both the mane and the scalp, mitigating any potential discomfort and minimizing hair shedding.

The finest environment-friendly hair brush in brief:

Superior overall environment-friendly hair brush: Combetter Natural Bamboo Hair brush Set, purchase on Amazon, £14.50

Foremost bamboo environment-friendly hair brush: Boar Bristle Hair brush, obtain on Amazon, £7.99

Top environment-friendly round hair brush: Round Hair Brush, secure on Amazon, £8.99

Prime environment-friendly hair brush for infants: Natural Baby Hair Brush, secure on Amazon, £8.99

Most economical environment-friendly hair brush: Hair Brush for Smoother Hair, obtain on Amazon, £8.99

It’s critically vital to examine and learn about the extracts your hair styling tools are composed of. Often times, the brushes we utilize are blended with plastics or other non-decomposable materials that ultimately inflict damage on the environment. From mane detangling brushes to timber brushes, we’ve handpicked the preeminent eco-conscious hair brushes for your selection.

This quartet includes a sizable paddle brush, a compact version convenient for travel or youngsters, a broad-toothed comb, and a narrow tail comb. Crafted entirely from pure bamboo, featuring a handle crafted from wood to ensure your grip is comfortable, this paddle brush will simplify your hairstyling routine. Your hair will appear lustrous, and the extensive paddle allows for gentle brushing, adding a miniature scalp massage. A patron expressed: “Very robust collection of wooden brushes and combs. They are extremely snug in hand and certainly deliver ample value for their cost.”


  • Both paddle brushes are equipped with a pliable cushion that features an air vent
  • Remarkable value for the price with a duo of brushes and combs included


  • A critique mentioned the combs and brushes could possess a finer finish

Ideal for dense and spiral locks

In the event that you’re in quest of an instrument to tackle your springy coils, then gaze upon this gem. The URTHEONE boar bristle hair brush boasts genuine boar bristles (70 per cent) coupled with untangling nylon pins. It deftly navigates through fine, regular, thick, and dense strands, unperturbing the most obstinate of snarls; a customer professed: “This hairbrush is such a phenomenal improvement compared to my prior one, and it’s less pricey too. I possess quite voluminous long hair, and this brush eases the untangling process. My previous item would falter amidst the tangles, whereas this one approaches my hair unabated. My significant other, who has denser hair, deemed it slightly rough on his scalp, to which I contrast, finding it exceedingly gentle. It was also accompanied by a comb apt for wet hair and a brow brush, which is simply excellent considering the cost.”


  • Genuine boar bristles adeptly navigate through typical and dense hair
  • The hand-friendly wooden paddle handle assures comfort


  • Limited to being offered as a duo of brush and comb or brush and petite brush, not a threesome

Optimal for diminishing hair fractures

For those with delicate strands, the last aspect you desire is a hair grooming tool that prompts hair fractures due to its abrasive substance. This supple bristle hair groomer is crafted with pliable bristles and a wooden base that’s gentle on your scalp. The arced spines are meticulously crafted to untangle coiled, kinky, and undulating hair without inflicting damage, bestowing upon your locks a healthy appearance; a testimonial from a satisfied user exclaims: “I adore this immensely. The craftsmanship is exceptional and it seems like a durable product that will stand the test of time. I’ve detected significantly less breakage! The utilization of a wooden groomer is beneficial for your mane, so I’m thrilled I stumbled upon an excellent one at a more affordable price.”


  • Gentle yet robust for usage
  • Effortless to wield


  • A critique mentioned strands can become ensnared in the brush

Finest eco-conscious hair brush for infants

This premium baby and toddler grooming tool is crafted from FSC-certified beech wood that has undergone a natural treatment process, complete with an ergonomic grip. Furnished with ultra-delicate natural goat hair bristles, this brush has been crafted without any corrosive chemicals, assuring it’s exceptionally secure for both you and your child. A reviewer noted: “Remarkably soft! We’ve utilized it for a couple of months now and the delicateness remains unchanged. We’ve observed no shortcomings and it maintains its quality, just like day one (hoping for the best).”


  • Created for infants and small children
  • Gentle goat bristles sweep across your infant’s scalp, evenly distributing oils

Top environmentally-friendly circular hair brush

Even though this brush is not accompanied by a brush holder, it’s designed with a curved bamboo handle and a hole at the handle’s end for hanging, which eliminates the possibility of it being dropped on the floor and ensures your hair remains healthy, smooth, and without knots. One testimonial stated: “I adore grooming my girls’ hair with these because it aids in straightening/smoothing hair after a bath. Gratitude for the extra hair tie and eyebrow brush, very content customer!” The package also includes a slim tail comb, excellent for backcombing and unknotting.

Should you be in search of an item inclusive of a brush case, you may wish to consider the Kokoso Baby Wooden Brush (mentioned below) as an alternative.


  • The slender comb is fabricated from carbon, revered for its anti-static properties and resistance to heat
  • Convenient suspension storage with a hole at handle’s end


  • Lacks an accompanying brush container

Supreme organic infant hairbrush

Forgoing artificial substances and inexpensive plastic strands, this grooming implement is expertly fashioned from premium beech wood and genuine boar fibers, enhancing durability and longevity. Ideal for newborns’ delicate hair, it includes a charming jute transport pouch for nurturing your infant’s tresses while on the move.

Furthermore, it serves as an excellent detangling solution for toddlers who detest regular hair grooming, as highlighted by one commentator: “My 3-year-old absolutely loathes hair grooming, and would always put up a battle at the sight of an ordinary hairbrush. After heeding some guidance, we gave this one a shot and now can groom her strands without any conflict. She’s even taken to brushing her own hair.”


  • Authentic beech wood and natural boar fibers
  • Includes an endearing protective jute case


  • A few consumers reported the fibers to be too stiff for infants’ scalp

Optimal hair brush for styling

Appropriate for varied hair textures and excellent for portability, the steel pins afford a sensation akin to a massage, which contributes to soothing your scalp and facilitates the extraction of shed hair strands. This strengthens your hair and augments the capability for new hair growth. A customer commented: “I have lengthy, exceedingly coiled hair. The process of untangling is always the chore I dread the most, yet I cannot disregard it. Despite having splurged on numerous hairbrushes, I have settled on this one. Thus far, the untangling was the most effortless. It was painless, it didn’t yank out a excessive amount of my hair, my scalp remained unharmed, and to top it off, it was also the fastest since normally it consumes almost an hour to manage my hair. Another advantage is the ergonomics of the brush – it’s both comfortable and user-friendly.”


  • The bristles of steel are appropriate for any hair type
  • Crafted from FSC-accredited beech tree


  • An individual review mentioned it struggles with larger tangles

Optimal for anti-static bristles

Indeed, this item revolutionizes the hair-brushing experience. The comb features exceedingly tender bristles that provide a gentle and comfortable grooming experience, perfect for preparing your hair for significant occasions or simply before bed – and it’s conveniently available as a pair. With the use of this comb, you’ll be parting ways with split ends and hair fractures, ensuring your locks remain healthy.

The sturdy yet pliable ball-tip nylon pins effortlessly manoeuvre through dense, long hair, offering you comfort. A patron commented: “My hair regularly tangles as it is thick and naturally wavy, so I opted for a brush like this and I’m utterly impressed with its effectiveness. It’s painless on the scalp and it easily tackles the knots, unraveling them with ease. I adore that it comes as a twin pack in my two preferred shades. I’d definitely recommend this pair; they’re the finest I’ve utilized in my four decades on the planet.”


  • Available in two vibrant hues
  • Gentle bristles unravel tangles effortlessly


  • Regrettably limited color options are available
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