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Top Halloween Costumes for Babies, Toddlers & Kids Under $75

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Top Halloween Costumes for Babies, Toddlers & Kids Under $75

When fall comes around, it’s time to start thinking about Halloween costumes for your little ones. However, Halloween can be overwhelming for young kids who may not fully understand the holiday. That doesn’t mean they can’t have fun, though! We’ve rounded up the cutest and most affordable Halloween costumes for babies, toddlers, and kids all under $75.

Buying costumes, candy, and decorations can quickly add up, so we’ve made sure to include options that won’t break the bank. Plus, all of these costumes are free of scary and spooky elements, making them perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

Pro-tip: Choose a costume that aligns with your child’s interests so they can continue to use it for pretend play even after Halloween is over. Check out our list below for some adorable costume ideas!

Costumes For Babies

For your baby’s first Halloween, you’ll want to capture all the adorable moments with a cute and comfortable costume. Here are some options that are perfect for those precious photo ops:
– Pumpkin Costume: A classic choice that will make your baby look absolutely adorable.
– Baby Egg Chick Costume: Turn it into a family costume by dressing up as farmers or other farm animals.
– Dragon Costume: Absolutely adorable with swaddle wings for comfort.
– Grumpy Costume: A costume that will make everyone smile with added baby beard.
– Little Lion Costume: Comes with a cozy lion suit, cute headpiece, and a pair of booties.
– Dinosaur Sweatsuit: Super cute and comfortable, and comes in a variety of colors.
– Pebbles Flintstone Costume: Comes with a playful tutu and pretty bow for a Bedrock-themed family costume.
– Avocado Costume: A unique and cute costume that’s more perfect than an actual avocado.
– Lady Bug Costume: A cute, cozy, and perfect for Halloween, rosy red ladybug costume.
– Lil Monkey Costume: Perfect for Curious George fans and can be turned into a family costume.
– Flamingo Costume: Almost too cute to handle with all the fluffy details.
– Monster Costume: Warm and cozy with cute details like horns, furry fringes, and an extra eye.
– Baby Green Turtle Costume: Carries plenty of under-the-sea magic with it.
– Minnie Mouse Costume: Perfect for Disney fans with its frilly red, black, and white dress.
– Baby Narwhal Costume: A memorable pick for your baby’s first Halloween.
– Starbucks Baby Costume: A cute coffee onesie costume that can be customized with a hat, cup sleeve, and optional pants.
– Max Costume: Perfect for your little adventurer.

Toddler Costumes

Toddlers are always on the move, so comfort is key when it comes to their Halloween costumes. These options are not only comfortable but also perfect for imaginative play:
– Madeline Costume: Perfect outfit for your little adventurer.
– Elvis Toddler Costume: Celebrate The King with this adorable costume.
– Toddler Penguin Costume: Cute, comfy, and perfect for a family costume as part of a “Mary Poppins” ensemble.
– Toddler Dalmatian Costume: Perfect for kids who love firefighters or puppies.
– Bumble Bee Costume: Can be turned into a group costume by dressing up as butterflies, garden gnomes, or flowers.
– Winged Unicorn Costume: Perfect for your little one who loves all things magical.
– Mermaid Costume: Adorned with jewels and a shimmery ruffle skirt, perfect for your little mermaid.
– Astronaut Costume: Perfect for your little explorer with an authentic helmet and movable visor.
– Construction Worker Costume: Includes a vest, hard hat, multiple tools, safety goggles, and tons of fun.
– Firefighter Costume: Sure to get plenty of use for role play beyond the holiday.
– Dorothy Wizard of Oz Costume: Comes with the ruby slippers to complete the look!
– Bluey Costume: Perfect for fans of the popular TV show with a plush jumpsuit and matching headpiece.
– Paw Patrol Skye Costume: Perfect for girls with girl power.
– Paw Patrol Chase Costume: Perfect for your little one who wants to be part of the adventurous crew.
– Spiderman Costume: Perfect for any aspiring superhero and available in a range of sizes.
– Ms. Rachel Costume: Complete the look with a pink tee and top-knot headband.
– Cookie Monster Costume: Furry blue outfit perfect for your toddler.
– Frozen Elsa Princess Costume: Glamorous, sparkly, and perfect for little princesses.

Pink Vampire Bat Costume

This pink vampire bat costume will make your toddler look adorable instead of scary. Your little one will be irresistibly cute in this costume.

Sly Fox Costume

This spunky little fox costume will make your toddler stand out. With its poofy tail, your little fox will look absolutely charming.

Pirate Costume

Let your toddler join a Halloween crew as a pirate. This costume is perfect for imaginative play and will make your little one say “Ahoy matey!”

Troop Beverly Hills Costume

Take a nostalgic trip with this costume inspired by the 1989 movie “Troop Beverly Hills”. Dress your toddler up as a fashionable scout with this adorable costume.

Costumes For Kids

Now that your little ones are a bit older, they can fully embrace the joy of dressing up for Halloween. Here are some magical costume options for kids.

Cher Clueless Costume

As if we wouldn’t include an adorable Cher costume from the iconic 1995 movie “Clueless”! Bring Cher’s iconic style to life with this costume.

Personalized Chef Costume

If your child loves cooking, this personalized chef costume is perfect. It’s comfortable and great for both Halloween and pretend play.

Harry Potter Costume

Transform your child into a wizard with this Harry Potter costume. Whether they’re a Gryffindor or a Ravenclaw, they’ll love the magic of this costume.

Black Cat Costume

For a classic and cozy option, this black cat costume is perfect. It’s great for layering on a cold Halloween night.

Cruella de Vil Costume

Let your child embrace their villainous side with this Cruella de Vil costume. It’s perfect for a family or siblings costume theme.

Encanto Costume

Bring the magic of Disney’s “Encanto” to life with this high-quality Mirabel costume. Your child will love pretending to be their favorite character.

Wonder Woman Costume

Let your child channel their inner superhero with this Wonder Woman costume. It’s perfect for a strong and fearless kid.

Miles Morales Spiderverse Costume

For a superhero costume with a twist, this Miles Morales Spiderverse costume is perfect. Your child will love being a superhero with this unique costume.

T.Rex Costume

Turn your child into a mighty dinosaur with this T.Rex costume. It’s perfect for any dinosaur enthusiast.

Adaptive Halloween Costumes

This year, major retailers have released more inclusive costumes for kids with specific needs. Here are some adaptive Halloween costume options.

Incredimobile Wheelchair Cover Set

Rocket around like a superhero with this sleek Incredimobile wheelchair cover set. Perfect for kids in wheelchairs who want to embrace their inner superhero.

Cinderella Adaptive Costume

This Cinderella costume is specially designed for kids with disabilities. It’s comfortable and easy to wear, with features like stretchy fabric and Velcro closures.

Adaptive Dragon Wheelchair Cover & Headpiece

This dragon wheelchair cover and headpiece is perfect for kids who want to transform their wheelchair into a fun and magical dragon.

Adaptive Mermaid Costume

This mermaid costume is specially designed for kids with disabilities. They can still become a magical mermaid and join in the Halloween fun!

Adaptive Light-Up Black Panther Costume

Your child can become the king of Wakanda with this adaptive Black Panther costume. It even has a chest pad that lights up for added excitement.

Sesame Street Adaptive Wheelchair Cover

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