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10 Creative Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

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10 Creative Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Looking for maternity photoshoot ideas to celebrate this exciting period of your life? We got you! Pregnancy is a transformational period full of growing bellies, surprises, and moments to cherish. So whether it’s your first or fourth child, it’s only fitting to celebrate your body through an endearing photoshoot.

In fact, photos during pregnancy help capture the body’s weekly transformation along with your anticipation to grow your family. These moments will remain etched in your memory as a way to relive them repeatedly. Of course, the possibilities are endless regarding maternity shoot ideas.
You can achieve pretty much any aesthetic with the right props, poses, backdrops, and pets. The key is reflecting your personality and your style as parents-to-be. That’s why in this guide, we’ve rounded up unique and exciting ideas to help you capture this special moment. Let’s review them so you get the most out of your session and document your pregnancy!
Don’t forget to hire a professional photographer so they can pitch in some more great maternity photo shoot ideas!

Best Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

1. Match Outfits With Family

How lovely would it be if the whole family wore matching outfits and posed together for a maternity photoshoot? It might seem a little cheesy, but it’s a beautiful way of saying your family members belong with each other. We recommend picking your favorite color palette and an adorable location in nature to capture those precious moments.

2. Team Up With Other Moms-to-Be

Matching bumps is a classic maternity photoshoot idea that always leads to a sweet shot. If you’re pregnant at the same time as someone else, cherish that moment by capturing it forever. To spice it up a bit, hold a pair of baby shoes, such as these adorable Baby Girls Metallic Flats or Baby Boys Sneakers.

3. Fairytale

A maternity shoot idea we adore is dressing like a goddess for a fairytale-inspired theme. You can either pose by yourself or have your husband dressed as a king and your little ones as princes and princesses. To make this concept even more enchanting, you can get some gorgeous costumes and accessories. We recommend this Electric Desert Blue Morpho Butterfly Fairy Crown.

4. Black and White

Black and white is a safe and timeless maternity photoshoot idea you shouldn’t skip. We suggest wearing a white gown and holding your belly for the pose. This lovely Victoria Women’s Boho Dress would work wonders for your shoot, especially if you have a clean background!

5. Having Fun in Florals

Flowers symbolize fertility and would make excellent props in your photoshoot. You can either hold them or wear them on your head (check out this Whimsical Forest Herbs Flower Crown). For more flowers, use them as a background in a large field full of tall grass and blossoms. It’s a great way to incorporate natural settings into your pregnancy photoshoot!
Pick a time when the sun is low and wear something comfortable and airy. For the best results, opt for soft shades of petals to create an atmosphere of tenderness.

6. Underwater

We love this next maternity photoshoot idea! Underwater photography is such a unique way to capture the beauty of pregnancy. Just make sure you hire experienced professionals who will ensure your safety. Also, opt for a flowy gown, such as this jaw-dropping Red Maternity Dress, to ensure beautiful underwater formations.

7. Paint Your Belly

Having your pregnant belly painted by an artist and captured by a photographer is a great idea for artsy moms. Ideas for belly paintings could include cartoon images, caricatures, or a mom with her child. Whatever you choose, you can hardly go wrong with a painted pregnant belly.

8. Before and After

If you want to capture the whole maternity journey, book a photoshoot session before and after giving birth. A see-through maternity gown is highly recommended, such as this Off-the-Shoulder Sheer Tulle Maternity Dress.

9. Heart Hands

Heart hands is another classic, and we love its variations. This maternity photoshoot idea focuses on the bump as the mother creates a heart shape with her hands. You can even have your partner create a second heart or include your children’s hands in the shoot. This is an easy and affordable photo idea that can be taken at home, and the results are heartwarming!

10. Couple Shots

Why reserve the couple photoshoot only for the wedding when you can also have one during maternity? Couple shots are fun, lively, and a great way to give your partner a starring role. There are countless ways to bring out those big smiles for the photos! We recommend matching your wardrobes for the day!

Time to Capture Your Special Moment With Unique Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

To sum up, maternity photography is a fantastic way to capture the anticipation of bringing a new life into the world. This is your chance to document the transformation of your pregnant body. You’ll also have beautiful memories to cherish forever.
So whether you choose indoor or outdoor photography, alone or with your family, there are endless possibilities. Hopefully, our guide to maternity photoshoot ideas will inspire you to choose a theme. Best of luck with your maternity photos and pregnancy photoshoot, mama!

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