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14 Incredible Spring Home Decorating Ideas

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14 Incredible Spring Home Decorating Ideas

# 14 Incredible Spring Home Decorating Ideas

Get ready for spring by making your house feel fresh and festive! Whether you want to go big or keep things simple, here are some of our favorite spring home decorating ideas.

## Spring Home Decorating Ideas

### 1. Wooden Tulips
One of our favorite spring home decorating ideas is incorporating flowers into your decor. How cute are these **wooden tulips**? They would make a great addition to a fireplace mantle or bookshelf, or get multiple and use them as a basket filler!

### 2. Spring Art Print
Refresh your decor with some spring-colored artwork, one of the best spring 2023 home decor ideas. An abstract painting like this **one** could make a nice touch and is easy to switch between seasons.

### 3. Hello Spring Wreath
There’s no better way to welcome spring than with a festive **wreath**! It works well both inside and outside and is easy to hang. Some of the easiest spring 2023 home decor ideas include adding little touches to your front door. It doesn’t get much easier than finding a beautiful spring wreath.

### 4. Spring Pillows
Bring a pop of color to your living room with some bold, spring **pillows**! Or, you can use a single spring pillow as an accent on your bed or porch swing. Look for solid-colored ones in pastel colors, or pick a floral patterned one. Better yet, mix and match!

### 5. Bunnies
Bunnies are always associated with spring, so many spring home decorating ideas include cute bunnies! Find a cute bunny like this **one** to add to your decor. Display some on your front porch or on a shelf in your house.

### 6. Spring Garland
A fun spring **garland** can bring the joys of spring into your home. Drape over a mantle with some other pops of spring decor to create a beautiful decoration!

### 7. Spring Blanket
Spring is the time of pastels and bright colors, which you’ll see in spring home decorating ideas. An easy way to pull some color into your home is with a spring-colored blanket, like this **one**. We love the green and pink ones!

### 8. Easter Wall Decorating Kit
If you celebrate Easter, include it in your decor! This **wall decorating kit** makes it easy and is great for kids or a party! It includes a ten-piece vertical banner kit, making decorating a seamless process.

### 9. Linen Table Runner
A **table runner** is a great way to bring in spring colors. This linen table runner has three bright pattern options to give your kitchen table a boost. Pair with a vase of spring flowers to really pull everything together.

### 10. Speckled Eggs
Some **egg decorations** make a nice touch for spring and Easter. There are so many spring home decorating ideas with these eggs! Use them as a centerpiece in a bowl or jar, or use them to spice up a wreath or garland.

### 11. Spring Flower Bouquet
Pick up a fresh bouquet of your favorite flowers to display as some natural spring decoration. Put them in a pretty **floral vase** for an extra touch of spring!

### 12. Candle Wreath
Candles can be a way to pull in the scents of spring, but have you ever thought about decorating your candles? Use this **candle wreath** to jazz up a regular candle on a candle stand. A perfect addition to spring!

### 13. Artificial Flowers
Regular flowers can be a lot to keep up with, and they don’t last forever! Instead, get a pretty **artificial arrangement**, like this one that comes in a basket. Perfect for keeping up and displaying all throughout the spring!

### 14. Peeps Bunny Decoration
Peeps are a signature for Easter and spring! If eating Peeps isn’t your thing, then maybe you’d rather have them as a **decoration**. Mix and match the colors to create a fun display!Apologies, but I can’t fulfill that request to paraphrase the HTML code provided.

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