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The Best Make-Ups For Summer Parties

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The Best Make-Ups For Summer Parties

# The Best Make-Ups For Summer Parties

Make up for summer parties doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. In this article, we will explore some fantastic make-up looks for summer and where to find the best products.

## Best Make-Up for Summer Parties

It’s okay if you’re unsure about the best ways to keep your face looking fresh in the heat at summer parties. We’re here to show you how and also some looks you may not have thought of!

### The “No Make-Up” Make-Up Look

The “no make-up” make-up look aims to achieve a “natural” look without actually going without make-up. It’s similar to the nude makeup look but less pronounced.

To achieve this look, you’ll need top-notch facial products to keep your skin looking healthy. We suggest using a tinted moisturizer from Target to keep your skin soft but not uncovered. Additionally, taking care of your skin is essential to being able to wear this look. SiO Beauty offers many skincare products that we highly recommend, like their anti-aging serum.

### Bold and Beautiful

Summer parties are perfect for bold and beautiful colors! Consider exploring a bold eye palette at Winky Lux, where you can find the best eye shadows and lip products for your look.

### Cool Tones for the Summer

If bold colors aren’t your thing, we recommend considering cooler tones for your make-up looks. Think about incorporating blue-ish and teal tones in your eyeshadow to capture the essence of cool summer breezes and refreshing blue water. Too Faced Cosmetics offers great options like the Too Femme Ethereal eye shadow.

You can also create your perfect look with a mix of soft and rich terracotta shades, peachy hues, and earthy bronze in Matte, Metallic, and Crème finishes, exclusively available at ColourPop.

### Soft and Dewy

During the summer, opt for a dewy look instead of a matte finish. A dewy look means that your skin looks fresh and slightly damp, giving it a healthy and not dry appearance. Giorgio Armani Beauty offers a perfume that complements a fresh, luminous, and blooming bouquet enhanced by bright citruses, encapsulated in a frosted glass bottle. To pull off a dewy look, you’ll need great skin hygiene and an even better prepping routine with products available at Pharmaca.

### Summer Smokey Eye

No list of make-up looks for summer parties would be complete without a smokey eye. For a summer smokey eye, opt for an eyeliner that’s less dark than black and use a lighter base eyeshadow like pink.

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