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15 Best Fun Activities For The Whole Family

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15 Best Fun Activities For The Whole Family

Autumn is universally loved because of the beautiful weather and the changing leaves. It’s the perfect time for families to come together and enjoy fun fall activities without spending too much money.

Activities like snuggling up with a warm cup of apple cider and watching a classic Halloween movie or going for a scenic drive to admire the autumn foliage are perfect for the whole family. There’s an abundance of fun fall activities to check off your family’s fall bucket list!

1. Plant Bulbs for the Spring

Planting tulip bulbs in the fall is an enjoyable activity for all ages. It’s best to plant the bulbs six to eight weeks before the first hard frost for a yard full of beautiful flowers in the spring. Check out a variety of bulbs here! If you need planting tools, refer to our gardening article for tips and tricks!

2. Go Camping

Enjoy the cool weather and plan a fantastic camping trip with the family. With fewer people camping during this time, you’ll experience lower rates, fewer crowds, and fewer bugs.

3. Make a Bonfire Dinner

Finish off a cozy evening with a delicious meal cooked over a bonfire. Grilling burgers or pan-frying steaks will be a hit with the family. Remember to get quality meats for the best dining experience, such as those from Omaha Steaks.

4. Take a Fall Trip

Plan a trip using for the perfect family getaway. Some beautiful places to visit during the fall include the Pacific Coast Highway in California, Scenic Byway 12 in Utah, and Skyline Drive through Virginia. Check out our ultimate road trip guide to help with your planning!

5. Bake Apple Cider Donuts

Whip up a batch of homemade apple cider donuts for a delightful fall treat. It’s a great alternative to buying them at a local fall festival.

6. Visit a National Park

Beat the crowds and experience the changing leaves and cooler weather at a national park during the fall. Some parks known for impressive fall foliage include Denali in Alaska, Glacier in Montana, and Acadia in Maine.

7. Try Out Unique Flavors of Classic Candy

Sample the latest flavors of classic candies with your kids. Look for new releases like Reese’s Peanut Butter Lover’s cups and Kit-Kat Duos Mint + Dark Chocolate at the grocery store and have a taste-test with your family.

8. Go Apple Picking

Spend quality time with the family while picking fresh apples. It’s a great way to stock up on delicious fall fruits.

9. Visit a Sunflower Farm

Witness the stunning sunflowers in full bloom at a local sunflower farm.

10. Host a Bonfire

Host a bonfire on a cold fall day or night and enjoy cooking hot dogs and roasting marshmallows with the kids.

11. Make Dinner Inside a Pumpkin

Serve dinner in cute carved-out mini pumpkins for a unique family meal.

12. Fly a Kite

Take advantage of the brisk fall wind by flying kites with the kids in an open field or local park.

13. Learn How to Knit

Pick up a new hobby by learning how to knit. You’ll have plenty of homemade gifts ready by Christmas.

14. Warm Up with Homemade Soup

Enjoy a warm bowl of homemade soup with the whole family on a cool fall afternoon.

15. Attend a Fall Festival

Explore fall festivals dedicated to food, crafts, music, and art.

Enjoyable Autumn Activities for Families

We hope you had fun reading our list of 14 engaging fall activities for the whole family! The autumn season passes by quickly, so make sure to make the most of the cool weather and stunning foliage while you still can.

And don’t forget to check out our guide to fall fashion trends to find the perfect outfits for your family activities!


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