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15 Fun Manicure Ideas for Valentine’s Day 💕

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15 Fun Manicure Ideas for Valentine’s Day 💕

I lost interest in Valentine’s Day a long time ago, but the birth of my son and an unplanned trip to T.J. Maxx really got me in the mood to decorate for Valentine’s Day this year. Many things have changed now, including holidays, and I’ve been thinking about how we can decorate not only our homes but also ourselves. A festive sweatshirt or subtle heart earrings can help you get into the spirit of V-Day. Plus, a cute Valentine’s Day manicure is a sweet way to treat yourself.

When it comes to finding a style that shows off your love for Valentine’s Day, the possibilities are endless. Whether you love pink, red, white, or something less traditional, there’s something for everyone. Personally, I’m a little biased, so I always choose a nice soft pink (think Pink Panther pink) as my base color.

To help you find a cute design in time for the celebration of love, we’ve rounded up 15 Valentine’s Day manicure ideas—plus products to help you get the look!

Simple Solids

If you prefer a more clean look, or you’re just not the very best at doing your own nails and need to keep things easy (that’s me too, don’t worry) you can still show your V-Day spirit with simple solid colors. Here are a few ways to elevate your look, no nail tech skills required.

Classic Ombré

No rule says you have to paint all your nails the same color! We love the mix in this Valentine’s Day-themed set.

Source: Olive & June

Deep Red Matte

Adding a matte finish to a deep, elegant shade like this maroon set gives the look a little more sophistication.

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Soft Baby Pink

Taking your solid nails up a notch can even be as simple as opting for a polish with an ultra-shiny finish!

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Get the Look:


Valentine's Day nail polish set
Be Mine Set
This nail polish set includes specially selected shades for Valentine’s Day so you can achieve a beautiful and colorful manicure.

“Lipstick Stain” Nail Polish
A stunning deep red shade to achieve a sophisticated look.

The Matte Top Coat
A top coat with a matte finish to achieve a unique look.

“SE” Nail Polish
A lovely baby pink shade with a smooth, ultra-shiny finish.

pink nail polish
Àuda.B Beauty
“Pucker Up Baby” Nail Polish
Get this classic pink color for V-Day and wear it all year round. Plus, Àuda.B’s polishes are vegan, cruelty-free, and PETA-certified.


Colored Tips

A classic French tip is a timeless nail design, but exploring alternatives beyond a basic white tip is a new trend that deserves attention. Whether you’re trying out these designs on your own or using them as inspiration at the salon, here are some fun designs to experiment with.

White Tips & Red Hearts

You can maintain the beloved white tips and enhance them by adding a few delicate hearts for a timeless and chic look.

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Red Heart Tips & Pink Nails

These charming heart tips painted over a blush pink base are bold and fun, yet simple and elegant.

red tip nails

Source: Àuda.B Beauty

Pink Tips & Red Hearts

Switching your tips from white to pink and adding a single accent nail is cute, simple, and absolutely perfect for a Valentine’s look.


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Get the Look:


cali girl
Àuda.B Beauty

“Cali Girl” Nail Polish

This delightful shade of red is playful and charming.
pink polish
Lights Lacquer

“Candy Girl” Polish

Apply this lovely pink as a base before adding Valentine’s Day-themed nail stickers.

“Stellar” Nail Polish

This highly pigmented white shade is ideal for a classic French tip and various other designs.

Nail Art Design Tool Kit

If you want to try more intricate designs at home, this nail design tool kit is a must-have.


Nail Stickers

As a busy mom, you may not have time to make it to the salon for an elaborate, intricately-detailed mani—but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it happen on your own. Nail stickers are the best DIY hack for stepping up your nail game with little to no extra hassle.

Pink Hearts on Pink Nails

Sweet and pretty, these heart-shaped stickers are just the thing to add to your favorite red or pink polish for V-Day.

valentine's day manicures

Source: Olive & June

Pink Florals

If you want to try out a design other than hearts that will still work once V-Day is over, a pretty floral nail sticker set is a great option.

valentine's day manicures

Source: Olive & June

White Hearts on Red Nails

You can’t go wrong with a red-and-white heart pattern, and this nail set is no exception.

heart nail stickers

Source: Olive & June

Get the Look:


Valentine's Day heart decals

“Heart to Heart” Nail Art Stickers

Whether you want to mix and match them or just use a single sticker for an accent nail, you can create the manicure of your dreams with this affordable sticker set.
olive and June Valentine's Day nail decals

“Everyday Bouquet” Nail Art Stickers

If you want to drop a subtle hint for a Valentine’s Day gift, this cute decal set is the perfect choice.


DIY Designs

If you’re a nail art fan who can achieve salon-quality looks at home, or if you want to treat yourself to a fun mani in the spirit of the holiday but need some inspiration, check out these cool designs that everyone will love.

Half & Half Pinks

This trendy, modern, and creative look is a pink lover’s dream come true!


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Starry White & Pink

The combination of twinkles and clouds with adorable pink hearts makes for an adorable, ultra-feminine look.

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Conversation Hearts-Inspired

Everyone knows the best part (or at least one of the best parts) of Valentine’s Day is all the sweet treats you can indulge in, including the iconic conversation heart candies we all know and love—so why not use them as mani inspiration as an ode to the holiday?

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Get the Look:


Nails Inc.

“Best of Blush” Nail Polish Set

This nail polish set is great for achieving a half-and-half pink look.


“Marshmallow” Nail Polish

This polish has a more transparent finish to help create dreamy clouds.


Pastel Nail Polish Set

The colors in this set perfectly match those used in conversation hearts, making it great inspiration.


Press-On Nails

And finally, the holy grail of easy peasy manicures: press-on nails. You can find a ton of different designs out there that are perfect for Valentine’s Day, but here are just a handful of some of our faves we stumbled upon.

Red & Gold Wraps

Nail wraps are just as easy to apply and are super similar to press-ons. Plus, they’re are a cute yet low-maintenance way to achieve a Valentine’s-inspired manicure.

valentines day nails

Source: Etsy | Shop Sawyer & Scout

Chic Colored Tips

Now I know we already gushed over colored tips, but if you want to achieve that look but don’t have the nail shape or salon time, press-ons are the way to go.

valentines day press on nails

Source: Yivaiks

Clear With White Hearts

This particular set has a clear base, so you can customize the look to your liking by choosing your own nail color!

white heart press on nails

Source: Sawyer and Scout

Get the Look:


Etsy | Sawyer & Scout

“Love at First Sight” Nail Wrap Set

This design features the classic red associated with Valentine’s Day along with accent nails with red hearts and gold foil.


Press-On Nails Set

Like the look of tips but want it to be easier or don’t have time for the salon? Add this set to your next Amazon order.

nail wrap
Etsy | Sawyer & Scout

“Heart Attack” Transparent Nail Wrap Set

Wear these nail wraps on their own or with a pretty Valentine’s-themed color underneath.

press ons valentines day

“Love Hue” Press-On Nails Set

This press-on set was too special not to include! It features two nail kits—one for you and one for a friend.

Valentine's Day French manicure

“I Luv Me” Heart-Shaped Press-On Nails Set

Whether you’re a fan of candy hearts or not, you’ll love this adorable homage to the V-Day staple.

Valentine's Day pink nails

Valentine’s Day Nail Wrap Set


Featuring accent nails with a pink base and red heart designs, this nail wrap set is sure to catch Cupid’s attention.
valentines day nails

“Nobody Else” Press-On Nails Set

This limited-edition press-on nails kit features 28 nails and both adhesive tabs and nail glue to help you determine how long you want to wear your nails.

olive and june heart press on nails

“Vampy Heart” Press-On Nails Set

These limited-edition press-on nails are for the rebel at heart. We especially love that the nails are made from recycled materials.

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