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Best Gaming Systems For Children In 2024

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Best Gaming Systems For Children In 2024

When selecting a gaming console for your child, take into account factors like the age suitability of the games, the controller size, and the ability to play with companions or family members.

If you’re looking to keep younger family members entertained, the compact and enjoyable Nintendo Switch would be a great choice. For parents of older kids and teenagers seeking more challenging gameplay, the PlayStation 5 might be the ideal option.

A Quick Look at the Finest Gaming Systems for Kids

Great for bonding time: Nintendo Switch
Ideal for young children: Switch Lite
Suitable for teenagers: Sony PlayStation 5 Slim

To assist you in your gaming console selection, we have compiled a list of the top 7 available on the market.

Top game systems for children 2024


For classic gaming enjoyment, the original Nintendo Switch is a fantastic choice. It is officially suitable for ages 3 and up, although most children may be ready for it around the age of four, depending on the game. This console can be used in handheld, tabletop, or TV mode, and it includes two detachable Joy Cons for multiplayer or competitive play. It also offers the option to synchronize with up to eight other Switch or Switch Lite consoles. Game cards are inserted at the top, which younger kids may need assistance with, or games can be downloaded from Nintendo’s vast online library. Make sure to set up parental controls for downloads to prevent any unauthorized spending by your child.

According to a reliable reviewer: “My five-year-old adores the Pokémon and Mario Kart games, which he can easily play solo or with his dad by using the detachable controllers. The 5.5-inch screen is versatile, as it can be used as is, placed on a table with the kickstand, or connected to the TV via the dock.”.


  • Wireless controllers
  • Wide selection of games


  • Screen size and clarity not as good as OLED


For those in search of a gaming device suitable for older children, Sony’s newest PlayStation 5 Slim stands out as one of the finest choices. Featuring an ultra-high-speed SSD for lightning-fast game loading, 3D audio, 8K output, and DualSense wireless controllers, this device aims to deliver a truly immersive gaming experience. Additionally, it supports both digital disks and downloaded games and can be paired with a headset – ideal for teens who enjoy chatting with friends while playing online.

According to a mother tester: “Purchased as a gift for my teenage sons, this gaming console is top-notch. It offers stunning graphics, is easy to set up, and has a sleek appearance.”


  • Perfect choice for immersive gaming experiences
  • Compatible with both disks and downloaded games


  • Requires a 4K or 8K Television

Things to Consider when Selecting a Gaming Console

When picking out a gaming console for your child, several aspects need to be taken into account. The primary factor is the age appropriateness, as well as the budget you are willing to allocate – prices can vary significantly. Reflect on how your child will utilize the console (will it serve to keep them entertained while on the go or will it be a family activity?). Certain consoles like the Xbox Series X necessitate 4K or 5K TVs and reliable Wi-Fi, so it’s essential to verify these details before making a purchase.

Which Gaming Console is Suitable for my Child’s Age?

Many gaming consoles offer guidance on age suitability to assist in choosing the right device for your child. Consoles such as the Nintendo Switch and Lite are straightforward and manageable for children aged four and up, with numerous family-friendly games available. More immersive consoles like the Sony PlayStation 5 Slim are geared towards kids aged 7 and older. It is also important to ensure that the game content is appropriate and aligns with your child’s interests. Some devices cater to both downloadable games and discs, while others are solely compatible with downloaded games. Additionally, gaming console prices vary widely, so it’s wise to have a budget in mind and consider any additional accessories that may be necessary.

Ensuring Child Safety during Gaming

If you have concerns about online safety, opt for a device equipped with parental controls and extra safety features provided by your internet service provider. There are numerous methods to monitor their usage, including screen time settings, content filters, and parental controls. If you are unfamiliar with gaming, it is beneficial to comprehend the capabilities of the device. For example, if they are engaging in online play with friends, can they communicate through chat boxes and headsets? Visit the UKSIC website for comprehensive instructions on the functionalities of games and consoles.

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